I think I missed something - backtesting question

Ok, so this is my second question here, Sorry if the answers are easy to find, the searches I have ran did not really help me all that much.

Anyway, I am looking to find out how to back test systems. Of course one of the basics about getting your “system” is backtesting. I feel like I missed the page about how to actually back test. I think I may actually have two parts to this question:

  1. Do you use an automated back testing solution? If so what free options do recommend (fxengines, etc.) ?
  2. Do you use a manual back testing solution, basically jumping through a period of time looking at your indicators? If so what do you use for your backwards looking charts. I have been playing with gft’s web demo and cannot seem to find the historical data.

Thanks again


Google metatrader, you’ll get historical data through that.

I suggest you test your method going forwards 1 candle at a time,.

Just remember the idea is to test you r method, not curve fit!

As for an auto pilot method, persononally i think you will gain more if you see your trading plan working or not working with your own eyes.

Happy trading


Thanks N, I will check out metatrader. Do you have to be hooked up to a broker or have access to the market histories from a 3rd party?

Never mind, I see it.