I thought this was a 24/7 market?

how come forex brokers close on fridays? i was under the impression that forex was 24/7 except like a few hours nolap on sunday evening? the weekends is when i can spend the most time on this lol

There are some places you can get fills over the weekend, but the spreads are very wide and there’s no liquidity. A market takes participants and there aren’t many folks who want to be dealing with the markets on Friday night and Saturday. :slight_smile:

Take the weekends to learn the market. This is the best time, you can figure out what to do over the next week and come back next weekend to update your system.

It’s more like a 24/5.5 market. It closes Friday afternoon and reopens Sunday afternoon.

If there were more traders like yourself who wished to trade weekends, maybe it’ll eventually turn into a 24/7 market. For now, the lack of market activity and liquidity, doesn’t it make it worthwhile for most brokers to be open for business when they can be partying or spending time with their kids on the weekends.

I’d like to trade on Saturdays as well, but that would leave me no time for my stealth assasinations. It’s great to work one night a week. :smiley:

understood, t/y