I tired of being lazy

Hi there I am a university drop out whose had everything handed to him. I want to learn how to trade PROPERLY. I’ve wasted around 2k following peoples trades trying for the luck. It’s time I educate myself I do this my self. I have wasted my intelligence and it’s time for me to do something so I can enjoy life.

Please help me along my journey because I promise you life passes on being helpful to others.

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Don’t beat yourself up too bad. everyone hs their “quirks,”

Anyway, you can get a lot out of the babypips school. It’s free and there is a lot of great info. i wish you all the best on the charts. Reach out to me if you have any Qs.

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I hope you realise that learning to trade is just as hard if not harder than a university degree. Most of the top traders in a trading firm have university degrees in finance, ecomomics, mathematics and accounting. These are the people that you will be competing against when you become a retail trader.

Considering you are intelligent and you obviously sound young and you don’t want to waste your life may I suggest go back to Uni and study one or more of the areas I mentioned and then apply for a position as trainee trader in a big trading firm and play with the big boys. Don’t waste time trying to be a retail trader.

SMB Capital are a proprietary trading firm in Downtown Manhattan that offer traineeships. You might want to check them out.

Good Luck


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In case you need to clear your basics, you can start with a trading course online. After obtaining the basic knowledge, create a demo account.