I tried 1 Click Pips

I lost my mind and gave this software a try.

From 100$ to over 100.000$ like the site promised?

Nothing further from the truth.

Only a puny 1.53% after a week trading day and night, I left the computer ON all night and the internet never went down.

This site is all hype, the software does not work.

Ultimate proof here:

Forex: Sinais Positivos: Resultados Com O Robot Profissional 1 Click Pips

Don’t waste your time (and neurons and cash) trying this software, its all hype.

You must be crazy to think that 1.53% in a week is bad. I have an account with over 100,000 and if I made 1.53% in a week that’s easily 1,530$. Compound that monthly and you are going to be earning a ton after awhile. The key to my success is small wins weekly like .2% to 1% weekly. The person who tries to make something outrageous like 30% in a month is going to have a very bad time.

2.6% is way too bad… That should be at least for 3 days of trading.