I wanna learn a lot

hello, i desire to learn and grasp every principle of this matter

this is a best forum in online , just keep cool and learn from community trading , school is the good option , move on there and be educated.

i hope you have chosen the best place , this community is very friendly and full of education. have a knowledgeable journey

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Always amazed how many new people join every day.

Welcome! Take it slow, only risk what you can lose, realize 90% fail.

ICT "inner circle trader "/SMC “smart money concepts” are scammers stay away from anyone who talks about them.

Learn price action. Ignore indicators.

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Welcome! You will learn so much from all the free resources here. All the best and enjoy your stay!

learning is important no way to deny , but besides this it is more appropriate make sure the regular practice session.

as a best part of learning i think demo is the good place , but i have seen most of the beginners dont believe the importance of this trading place at all.

instead of demo account i think it is more appropriate to trade in a micro account to make sure live trading knowledge and experience.

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Welcoooome! :smiley: There’s so much to learn with forex trading, so that’s a good start. :smiley: Once you’re done with the school here, you can try a lot of other available free resources online while you’re on demo. :blush: And if you have any questions about anything, don’t be shy to ask! :blush:

Hi the whole concept of trading for a starter is plagued with such a vast dictionary of jargon that it seems rather like learning a subject by reading lessons in a foreign language. I am eager to learn and gain some understanding but unsure how to even get started and still need to learn the first principles that would allow me to trade on a demo account.

Welcome to the community! This is one of the best places out there to do that, so I hope to see you around! A lot of beginners disappear after a day or two, it’s always nice to see success stories.

Hi, you’re in the right place! This forum will help you with learning material and you can share queries and you will receive help. A pro tip ; study the market sentiment and psychology closely to get better at decision making. Good luck!

You are eager to learn. It is a positive development. In your learning and trading journey, the internet can be your best friend. Take advantage of it. The first step toward success in any endeavour is to gain knowledge and awareness.

Hello and welcome to the community. Babypips is the right place to begin with education and learn at your own pace. Best wishes on your trading experience!

Here is your Checklist:
1.technical analysis
2.risk management
3.trading psychology
4.trading strategy
5.become millionaire
6.get bald
7.build muscles
8.steal best friends gf with money
9.dig a hole on mars
10.why you even bother to read this all