I want broker gives mini account with hi leverage?


i just want to make a mini account with 30-50 dollars (like oanda) with high leverage ? is there any broker for this ??

thx very much

Whats the use buddy ? You can lose if suddenly you go around 5-10 pips down all of the money…
Better deposit $500 - $1000 and grow with it.

not with a mini account if you lose 5-10 pips you will only lose $5-$10. You are thinking about a standard account. There is stragetybuilderfx.com that will let you trade a micro account, which is what you want to do with such a small amount. Instead of $1 a pip it is $0.10 a pip. However at you do need at least $250 to open an account. Anything smaller would be a waste of time like philipwa suggested. It is too easy to lose it all and takes too long to see any real gains. AT $50.00 if you were to limit your trades to 5% of your capitol that would mean that if you went down just $2.50 you would have to get out of the trade. On a micro account that is only 25 pips. O.K. if you a scalper but not good for the long run.
I have seen accounts that will let you open up an account for only $20.00. But be careful they will let your account go into the negitave.