I want candlesticks on MT4!

Ok so i am just trying to learn by going through babypips and demo trading. I have dl a few MT4 platforms however i can get only one pair on each platform to show a candlestick chart. For example on FXDD and Alpair Uk only one pair (and not my choosing) will display candlestick charts. And yes i know the buttons to select line, candlestick and bar charts. I select candlestick but it always changes to a bar chart. Am i missing something here?

sound like a software issue. Althou I am not a programmer. I would try to reload the software, but deleting it first, maybe do a disk clean up and defrag. Then relaod it software. If that doesn’t work I would goto a different platform. I have tryed many different platforms and find that every one does something a little different that I don’t like so I’m still trying to find my perfect mate.
Good Luck and keep your stick on the ice

Are you sure that your not zoomed out too far. Metarader by default will not display candlestick charts just by clicking on the candlestick button. You will also need too right click on the chart and choose “Zoom In” twice and then you will see your candlesticks.


Thanks both of you for posting. Topgun_68 you nailed it! I am not really sure what the point of zooming out and in is yet however MT4 has alot of options to play with, thx man!

zooming in can be helpfull when indentifing candle stick formations and for seeing indicator crossovers more clearly. I zoom in and out all the time.

I also like to zoom out all the way when drawing trendlines, looking for divergences or my latest interest which is counting the elliot waves.