I want to buy this EA for $200, will it work?

Hello friends, I have been hearing about this EA called 1000pip, and I saw their record on myfxbook, which look pretty good. I saw it on this site coinandfx.com. I just want experts here to verify if it is worth buying. Thanks

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Hmmm. :thinking: This is the first time I heard about this EA. I don’t personally use it, but I tried looking it up and it looks like they have pretty good reviews for this! :blush:

Forex System | 1000pip Climber System Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of www.1000pipclimbersystem.com.

Great, thank you!!!

Just be careful EAs are notoriously risky and have a habit of blowing. If you do buy it do not put in more than you can afford to lose

The reviews look good but not heard of them

Never used it so dont know if it good but you can just find these things for free so no need to buy. Is it this one?

1000pip Climber.pdf (550.0 KB)

I also did not hear about this EA. Let’s try this.

The site is the template scam EA.
Many big buttons…
1% of commercial EA work, to find them you need 3 years of experience with algo trading.

Id be weary of EAs full stop. You need to do the leg work and learn to trade.

Sure, if Ea has always sl and tp. don’t forget how professional that ea. if ea can make 20% to 30% monthly profit then its really good ea.