I want to learn

Hi am new here an want to learn to trade forex

Welcome! Are you interested in retail techniques or do you want to know how the banks trade?

Well, you are welcome. This is the best place to learn how to trade. While you are learning, it is important to open a demo account with a broker of your choice. I personally use Forexchief broker; there is $100 no deposit bonus in case you want to try your hands on a live account. Learn how to use leverage as well. Good luck

You can learn forex from the educational section of babypips.

before start learning one thing you have to make sure which is a strong mindset , set your learning goal , set your patience level , otherwise it could be a very worst journey.

for the beginners level it is more appropriate to start with psychology of school from baby pips which contains all basic knowledge and experience.

school is important i know but the result of school can be useless if you dont trade in a practice account , and as a practice account you can trade in a demo.

have you finished any kind of basic level of trading ? if not it is more appropriate to start with baby pips school

beginners should read more article about trading , besides this also trade in a micro account which is very supportive to bring good knowledge and experience.

Knowledge must be stabilized to trade. Some steps need to be taken to develop knowledge.

For example, learning from Mistake, receiving information from online websites, doing research in various forums.

when you have done a mistake there is a chance to learn a good lesion that is really expensive , but if you do same mistake again and again then its a choice not a mistake at all.

Hello, and welcome to the world of forex trading. You can start your learning experience by familiarising yourself with the basics of this market. All the best

Get stuck into the education section and practice as much as you can on trading view and demo.

Before you begin learning, one thing you must ensure is that you have a strong attitude, that you have defined your learning goal, and that you have set your patience level; otherwise, it could be a very difficult road.

Same here🙊

after a long time got a fine post where you emphasize on attitude , its real important actually without strong mind there is no way to survive successfully.

I wanna know all about trading’s!!! Somebody suggest some ideas please.

check this out

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To guide you better, I need clarity on what you mean by trading ideas???
Are you talking about trading signals or something else?