I want to share my 13 years of Trading Experience.. is allowed?

I have been trading the forex and indices markets over the last 13 years as retail trader. Have undergone many learning curves and since last 5-6 years been trading successfully and profitably.

Want to share my practices, strategies and psychology here and other forums in the form of posting youtube channel and videos…

Is that allowed here?

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No. There are a lot of threads about strategies and psychology and they dont need YouTube videos.

Please feel free to explain what you can and post charts. People will ask you questions to clarify what they dont understand.

What you can do is start a Trading Journal at the Trading Journals section, that way you can explain real situations using your trades and explain how you make decisions in those times,

And sure if there are particular helpful tips in YouTube videos you can mention the video name, so anyone who wants can watch that there.

Check out the Trading Journals section it’ll be the best way to share your experience, check how other traders keep their journals and you can start sharing your experience too, it’ll be the most effective way, other than just promoting a YouTube channel.

Good Luck & Looking forward to it.