I want to start forex brokerage business

i have searched all over net and i have found good trading platform Mobius Trader 7 which has pre integrated features like CRM, traders Room, IB area, Copy Trading, PSP

Need suggestion about this platform

You need a lot of money to start a broker.

Surely you mean you want to start trading in forex, but as a trader, not a broker?

The broker is the company which allows you access, as a private retail trader, to the financial markets.

I think he means brokerage…
Every topic is about being a broker
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It is a very good idea, much easier to make money as broker than as trader.
As broker you make money even with 100% random market and 100% losing customers, just like casino.

AFAIK it is not so expensive, especially if you set the business in islands with cheap registration.
A server license for metatrader should start from 20k.

Yes you are right
As compared to other trading platform, Mobius Trader 7 has relatively very low setup cost as well as monthly cost

Hope so i can start forex brokerage asap

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Can you share the comparison of MB7 to Mt4, in term of the cost?

As i have checked on google and found out one time setup cost is $4750 and $1750 per month from Finovace company. Even i got promotion email from them that they are prvoding first month free subscription

As i have checked, Mobius trader 7 has more pre integrated features like CRM Traders Room,Copy Trading,IB Area, PSP

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That is very interesting insight. Thank you for sharing this.

yes you are right, but how about this Mobius trader 7 trading platform?
i got to know good things about this platform like

1.Pre-included features like Admin CRM, Trader’s Room, Copy Trading, PSP, IB Area

2 Terminal- Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android and Mac Os App

  1. Start Brokerage Business within 2-3 days

  2. Company registration not required

  3. Asset Class which has Forex, CFD, Crypto, Indices and commodities

6 Technical Assistance 24/5

  1. Special 2021 Offer- First Month Free Subscription

  2. Relatively low setup cost as compared to other trading platforms in Forex market

Any idea about this

Yes, i have found abut pricing of Mobius Trader 7 on net
One time setp cost is $4750 and monthly plan is of $1750


I just found this post in the forum. Do you want to start a brokerage?
It is a great idea, but can you afford the cost? If your answer is no, please do not do that; you are going to cause problems for people and yourself.
But if you want to open a brokerage, maybe you need more professional consultants.
So either way, it was not the best place to ask your question!
One more time: please do not open an unregulated broker; we are already tired of the list of those brokers.
Best Luck/