I was lost now I'm found!

I’m here to refresh my knowledge.

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its a place to become a knowledgeable trader very rapidly by learning , just keep focus with regular practice , thats all.

can you please elaborate about refresh Knowledge ? are you a completely newbie ?

are you a new forex trader ? where are you from Mate ?

Better late than never!

Then you’ve come at the right place - Babypips is a great place to learn forex!

its a right place to learn Forex , there is no way to deny but besides learning it is more appropriate to keep consistent practice. just do it.

What have you lost ? Please share with us !! It’s really that important so I will not be there for that matter anyway. How we even can allowed something like that ? Please do share your past experience with everything here no matter what. Can you do that matter with us or no ?

This place is the best to gain forex knowledge. But please specify what level of a trader you are, scalping, swing or positional? That would help us to suggest you things in a better way.

Oh boy! I guess he managed to get lost again.

nice reply , agree with you.

You opened this thread more than 1 month; what’s your current status of learning? Started BebyPips School already?

Were you trading for a long time before you stopped? :blush: