I was scammed by Offshore broker Apollo finances

Can you help to add the experience on this forum or site, sorry I am new to this site and need a help, I would like to share my experience here and report the company for other people to be warned.

Go ahead and post here what happened.

My history started with £200, the money were deposited through Jubiter then account manager called me back and we traded. At the beginning the trades were very small, he always asked me what do I think about this. By this way he tried to get me to put more money in, he asked to deposit £5000, I did not have this but I had small savings of £1700 deposited them. Part through Binance and part through Paybis Was taken over by a senior manager as he called him. He was making from $500 to 800 on a daily basis. Then he told me that he had special promotion for me, that company will insure my money and if anything goes wrong the money will be refunded to me. With bigger money the return will be higher. He pushed me to take a loan £25000, at the beginning said that just to check if I am entitled then he applied for loan. I felt something Is wrong, he was pushing to much. Then she (do not want to give any names) from Finance Department called me and said I should be putting emotions on a side and send me RFT contract. Over the weakened started to read different sites and reviews. Firstly they said they will accept the withdrawal even the charges will be paid to me. Luckily I did not take the loan and asked for the account to be closed. Till today I did not see my money, total $5201.10. Even they send me an email on behalf of Binance there are charges involved on my balance and the money are held with them. Once queried with Binance they confirmed this is not from them and this is scam, only Apollo finances knew about withdrawal. Beware of them and do not believe them at all, lie after lie. Everything is a lie in this company. Do you think I can do something with a fact they used a Binance wallet to pay my money in? Do you think they would investigate that?

Sorry to here this story mate

Yes, Apollo is an unregulated broker. That’s it. Whether you were scammed or are a scammer yourself is debatable.