I will be a launch day trader on TokenSets

I have had some information that I have kept secret for a while but am excited to be able to now announce that I will be a launch day trader on TokenSets. If you are investing in or trading crypto then you should to check it out. It is a way to invest in trading strategies all on the blockchain. In a nutshell, traders develop trading strategies, then users can view those strategies and purchase that strategies ERC20 token which exposes you to the strategy and it’s performance.

I recently did a spotlight interview for them. I have built a very unique algorithm that I call Moonshot that I will be running.

On a side note, I am well know on babypips as an FX trader, which I have been trading through spot and futures markets, as well as PM’s, commodities and equities. I plan on looking into trading these types of markets on the Ethereum blockchain through a platform called Synthetix. I will post more about this as I learn more myself.

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Very interesting to hear. I’ll be following along!

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Unfortunately I am not a big fan of cryptos due to the volatile and manipulative market. On top of that you havent done any forward testing. So i wish you the best of luck, please get in touch in 6 months. :+1:


Fully agree on the volatility. These strategies are designed to reduce much of that. I hope it can deliver.

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Read the interview.
Great idea - Moonshot - as you say, every thing it needs.

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That’s exactly my opinion- you can’t predict the price the same way like currencies with indicators because of manipulativ price jumps.Its pure gambling, I stopped it.

What you said about Moonshot on TokenSets:
"I expect Moonshot to potentially underperform a buy-and-hold strategy in strongly bullish and sideways/choppy markets and overperform in bearish markets. This strategy is designed to win the long game by holding a long position during strong bull markets, selling when the trend looks to be breaking down, and then buying back at a discount after the bear trend ends."
Started at the beginning of a bull run doesn’t do Moonshot any favors, does it? Well, how much of a downturn from here would constitute a bear market?
Anyway, hope things go well for you.

Great questions. If we are entering into a large-degree bull market then yes I think Moonshot will underperform to some degree. The more important point though is nobody really knows when these markets will tank, so for someone that wants some protection in their crypto portfolio the best thing is to just buy and hold for the long term, imo.

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