I will code your Expert advisor without a fee

hey james. let me know the conditions


  1. I have a forex EA:
    Mission Profit V3 Robot File.ex4 ,
    for Meta Trader 4, that works only on 1 of my Live Accounts, but NOT on other Live Account, NOR on DEMO Account, NOR with CRYPTO pair currencies.
    Can you please unlock it, to work on every LIVE / DEMO Accounts, and also with CRYPTO pair currencies ?

  2. If I send the EA, to you, can you send to me, the .mq4 file (Source Code) of this EA, WITHOUT unlocking it, as I requested in 1) ?

  3. If I need, to modify this EA, and to add some Inputs, and rules.
    Can you do this ?


Hello Icus,
Are you still available? I wish to use existing indicators to create and EA
Also, I would like your advice on how to code EAs.
I wish you a happy new year.

Hello Brother,

hope you are doing great, i have been following this thread since a very long time and i really appreciate the effort is being made in this thread.

i need your help for coading a very simple strategy EA which has hedge + martingale feature

if CCI indicator goes above 125, bot open sell and if CCI indicator goes below -125, bot open buy on period of 14 on candle close (this variables can be changeable)

ea can open sell and buy same time as price reaches CCI level assigned

lot size depend on balance option with RR management

I will highly appreciate if you could help me code this ea

have a great day ahead

Can you pliz send me the indicator.

hello brothers,
i’m new to this amazing forum hope you’re doing well
can you please help make EA for the attached indicator
to trade the crossover of the indicator + EMA
buy: when upward crossover
sell: when downward crossover
with TP & SL
and option to close on reversal signal

Hello, Can you convert this indicator from TradingView to MT4 EA? tradingview(dot)com/script/wDLCPh1I-RSI-versus-SMA-no-repaint/

Also a quant trader here able to code your strategies, Try and use as much detail as possible and it needs to be machanical.

Hello. I have a profitable trading strategy using three indicators. I ask who can automate it and create a trading robot based on it.
I am disabled and cannot afford a programmer. Can someone create a trading robot about my strategy for free?

Thank you that answered.

I am a new user, and they do not allow me to connect and upload files. Therefore, write your email, I will send you indicators.

                     TECHNICAL TASK

   The advisor expects to use signals from three indicators:
  1. Indicator 1 - Stochastic (standard)

  2. Indicator 2 - HILO channel jurik BT

  3. Indicator 3 - STI_OBOS

    It is assumed that two strategies will be used.

    Stage 1

    Buy: Indicator 2 turns green. Indicator 1 is less than or equal to 30 (this level may be
    another, it is advisable to set it in the advisor settings).
    Sell: Indicator 2 turns red. Indicator 1 is greater than or equal to 70.

    Closing trades: By opposite signal

Strategy 2

   Buy: The yellow line of Indicator 3 crossed the red line from bottom to top. Indicator 1 is less than or equal to 30.
   Sell: The yellow line of Indicator 3 has crossed the red candle downwards. Indicator 1 is greater than or equal to 70.

   Closing trades: By opposite signal

   You can provide the advisor with the use of Martingale, increasing the lot after a losing trade N times (set in settings).

Also in the settings it is advisable to set the parameters of the indicators, Stop Loss and Take Profit, as well as the lot being traded.

I have a Stochastic indicator/signal and a Gann HiLo (your second indicator) but I don’t have the STI_OBOS indicator. Besides, you can’t get a mq4 of this indicator only ex4, it is also repainting! I would only recommend greater timeframes. It also seems to be an indicator only for “human eyes”. So what alternative could I take for the third indicator?
And what pair and timeframe you want to run the EA?

Hi, there is other problem, how do you want to make profit with low amount of on an account?


I catch up your idea with these indicators. I took Stochastic, Gann HiLo and in lack of a stbi_obos indicator i took a Supertrend indicator. I’m curious what my Ai is making with these indicators. First results looking good. :slight_smile:

Thank you for eforts.
Can you give me expert (on my indicators), that you do?

Yes, I will post it here, if an expert survives the robustness tests. However, you need to be patient, as the process of creation and evaluation can take a few weeks.

Dear Ravenash, thank you.
If it’s not difficult for you, please write here the link where you will publish the advisor.

Ravenash-S-G-S-Strategy-creationphase.pdf (429.3 KB)
Current status of creation: This is currently one of the best strategies generated by the Ai. The mix of indicators: Stochastic, GannHiLo and Supertrend generally seems to provide good results in the creation.
To better categorize the chart in the PDF: The period May 2014–May 2020 is taken into account in the creation. Whereby, the left area (white) is in-sample and the right area (green) is out-of-sample. The EA was created with the in-sample period and then tested directly for the out-of-sample period. This makes it possible to distinguish profitable strategies from non-profitable strategies in the first step of the creation process.
A few crises were also included in the years - very good!

But now comes a very, very big BUT!
BUT this only applies to this short period! And this period and the data were known to the AI when it was created! Short periods are not very meaningful. It has not yet been tested for the period from 2003 to 2024, which is unknown to the AI - except from 2014 to 2020. And the strategy has not yet been tested for robustness. It may even fail in the subsequent tests!

So what’s the point? I wanted to show that the AI produces good results relatively quickly with this group of indicators, and that it is also worthwhile for others to experiment with them if they want to create their own EAs.

Dear Revenash, thanks for the detailed information. But could you please publish expert (EA) here, adding the to your replay. I really want to test it and study it at least on a Demo account.

Hi @krampe69
I don’t think you read my post properly. The EA I am showing here has not yet completed the robustness tests. It was simply created first. I will not give it to anyone under any circumstances. If it passes the tests, then it’s something else. But not at this stage.

Thank you dear Ravenash. I understand you very much and respect you for this trait that you are a very responsible person.

I wish you creative success.