I will code your Expert advisor without a fee

Yes, it is a valuable advice, although sometimes it is so difficult to wait for things to get better and you can get the result you need, I think that trading is the most difficult thing I have encountered…

Hey, just wanted to know if you were still doing this? Ive been trying to learn how to setup my own EA but having a lot of difficulties. If you are im very interested.


You can proceed with the details and if you don’t want to share it with anyone,feel free to message me privately

Excellent offer. And I think it will interest many traders, especially those who have certain difficulties with calculations, and your approach can make this stage much easier and more understandable, so I wish you to advance in your development as soon as possible.

Hi Icus2,

First of all, thank you in advance for any and all help with my request.

I’ve been testing various strategies and came across something called the London Breakout strategy. There are different variations, of course, but I’m having some success with a basic one. The problem is that because of my time zone the trades occur in early morning hours which makes it difficult for me to handle so I thought if someone could code me a simple EA according to my trading rules that I could set running before I go to bed then it would do it’s thing and I could check results later.

Also, I would like to be able to use this EA for breakouts in other sessions so I tried to figure out what info I need in the EA for it to work on any breakout in any session as well as provide you with the information you need to code it.

Here are the details:

EA name = SessionBreakout_EA


The EA must work on the current chart only and not affect other charts or orders (this way I can load it on each chart I want to trade)

The EA must work with all symbols

The EA must work on all time frames

The EA must remain on top of chart so candles do not cover it

Please use session times as shown in variables so I can use this for other sessions by simply changing the session start and end times

(For example, I can use it for New York breakout by simply changing start times of Asian and Europe sessions to start times of Europe and U.S. sessions, which would measure the last 4 candles of the Europe session before the U.S. session starts)

Please put comments for all items in code so I can understand which code is for which item in case I want to change something later (and also helps me learn to code :slight_smile: )


Measure highest high and lowest low of last 4 candles of Asian session before Europe session starts

Enter buy trade if price goes 5 pips above highest high of last 4 candles
Enter sell trade if price goes 5 pips below lowest low of last 4 candles

Set Stop Loss at 20 pips

Set Take Profit at 40 pips

>>>> IMPORTANT <<<<

  • Once a trade is entered, opposite direction is cancelled. In other words, if a buy trade is entered and the price dips below the lowest low, a sell trade is not entered.

  • Only take 1 trade per session (For example, the EA does not open another trade if the price dips below the highest high and then breaks above it again)

  • Does NOT enter trades in both directions (see above)

  • If a trade is not entered within the first hour after the start of the Europe session, EA does not enter any trades for that session

When the EA loads, please have the EA display the following information on the left of the chart below the trade panel:

SessionBreakout EA
Lots = [lot size of trade]
Stop Loss = [On/Off]
Current Stop Loss = [#] pips
Trailing Stop = [On/Off]
Current Trailing Stop = [#] pips
Trailing Stop Start Pips = [#]
Profit Target = [On/Off]
Current Profit Target = [#] pips

For example:

SessionBreakout EA
Lots = 0.10
Stop Loss = On
Current Stop Loss = 20 pips
Trailing Stop = Off
Current Trailing Stop = 20 pips
Trailing Stop Start Pips = 0
Profit Target = On
Current Profit Target = 40 pips

VARIABLES (changeable in inputs)

Corner position - default = Left upper corner
x position - default = 10
y position - default = 30
Lot size - default = 0.10
Stop Loss on - default = True
Stop Loss pips - default = 20
Trailing Stop on - default = False
Trailing Stop pips - default = 20
Trailing Stop start pips - default = 0 (immediately)
Profit Target on - default = True
Profit Target pips - default = 40
Broker Time GMT offset - default = 3
Local Time GMT offset - default = -7
Asian session name - default = Tokyo
Asian session starts (Broker time) - default = 03:00
Asian session ends (Broker time) - default = 12:00
Candle high/low starts (Broker time) - default = 09:00
Candle high/low ends (Broker time) - default = 09:45
Europe session name - default = London
Europe session starts (Broker time) - default = 10:00
Europe session ends (Broker time) - default = 18:00

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

EDIT: Forgot to add variables for time of candles.

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Would you make one for me please?

Hello Icus2,

Are you still available?

Are you still available? I need an EA that’ll scan all available instruments for the direction of a single moving average of 60. I’d like it to scan the monthly, weekly, daily, and last of all the h4 timeframes. If all four are in sync, I’d like the EA to place a trade in the direction the MA is pointed in. I’d also like the EA to close trades when there are two candles in a row that has a spike in the opposite direction of the direction of the MA. If after a while the trend goes back to normal, I’d like the trade to be reinitiated, if there’s no other instruments that falls in sync with the aforementioned criteria. I’d like the EA to trade only one instrument at a time. I’ve found that the trend is more powerful than support and resistance, and support and resistance usually falls in sync with the trend. Please let me know if you’re able to code this? Thanks.

Can you help me with a custom indicator? just need some lines print at certain times of the day and price

Hi I’ve got a strategy I was hoping you could code so that I could back test it. My indicators aren’t built in the MT4 platform instead they are custom-built.
My set-up on MT4 is as follows;
QMP FILTER [this is a custom indicator which takes into consideration the crossing of the QQE-advanced and the MACD-PLATINUM- essentially when both these indicators cross simultaneously the QMP filter will appear as a coloured dot depending on weather it is a buy signal-green or sell signal-red]
I have tried directly uploading the custom indicators however i am not allowed due to being a new user. if it helps I can email you them.
As I said my QMP depends on the QQE _adv while this indicator is not displayed on my charts here are the inputs:
My strategy depends on a QMP signal as well as the MACD_platinum dot being below the 0 line (for a buy trade) or above the 0 line for a sell trade.
Another important condition for my trade entry is that the MA’S(stated above) must be within range of the price so that the price is crossing one of the MA’S and of course stacked to support the relevant trend.
I risk 2% of my account
with a risk reward ratio of 1:2
I put my stop loss at 1ATR
and therefore my tale profit at 2ATR.

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is this thread still active?

I have a system i would like to code my name is James
Contact me for indicator list and settings

hey james. let me know the conditions


  1. I have a forex EA:
    Mission Profit V3 Robot File.ex4 ,
    for Meta Trader 4, that works only on 1 of my Live Accounts, but NOT on other Live Account, NOR on DEMO Account, NOR with CRYPTO pair currencies.
    Can you please unlock it, to work on every LIVE / DEMO Accounts, and also with CRYPTO pair currencies ?

  2. If I send the EA, to you, can you send to me, the .mq4 file (Source Code) of this EA, WITHOUT unlocking it, as I requested in 1) ?

  3. If I need, to modify this EA, and to add some Inputs, and rules.
    Can you do this ?


Hello Icus,
Are you still available? I wish to use existing indicators to create and EA
Also, I would like your advice on how to code EAs.
I wish you a happy new year.

Hello Brother,

hope you are doing great, i have been following this thread since a very long time and i really appreciate the effort is being made in this thread.

i need your help for coading a very simple strategy EA which has hedge + martingale feature

if CCI indicator goes above 125, bot open sell and if CCI indicator goes below -125, bot open buy on period of 14 on candle close (this variables can be changeable)

ea can open sell and buy same time as price reaches CCI level assigned

lot size depend on balance option with RR management

I will highly appreciate if you could help me code this ea

have a great day ahead

Can you pliz send me the indicator.

hello brothers,
i’m new to this amazing forum hope you’re doing well
can you please help make EA for the attached indicator
to trade the crossover of the indicator + EMA
buy: when upward crossover
sell: when downward crossover
with TP & SL
and option to close on reversal signal

Hello, Can you convert this indicator from TradingView to MT4 EA? tradingview(dot)com/script/wDLCPh1I-RSI-versus-SMA-no-repaint/

Also a quant trader here able to code your strategies, Try and use as much detail as possible and it needs to be machanical.