IC Markets EU (CySec) MT4 Demo: Chart gaps & ping

Hi, I have recently started testing an IC Markets MT4 ‘Raw’ CySec/EU demo, and was wondering if this is ‘normal’ for their demo servers:

1: IC Markets Demo Chart gaps/choppiness
The IC charts have a lot of gaps in them, far more than e.g. a Pepperstone MT4 Razor demo. The candlesticks are also very different (I know candlesticks can vary between brokers, but the differences are far too many & extreme):

IC Markets EURUSD 1hr:

(I can only have 1 image per post as a new user and can’t post any links, so I will try to post the Pepperstone image in the next post)

2: IC Markets Demo High Ping?
My Pepperstone MT4 Razor demo server ping stays around 40-50 ms. On my IC Markets eu/cysec mt4 demo however, I get around 350 ms (I am in Europe). Both Pepperstone & IC claim to have Equinix servers in both NY & LD, so I suppose this is a demo server problem? Anyone here with similar or different IC Markets EU experience?

Really appreciate any help/answers.

Pepperstone EURUSD 1hr MT4 for comparison: