ICE FX discussion

Seems no topic about ICE FX on this forum. I have some experience and maybe someone want to discuss this company.

Hmmm. :thinking: Looks like they’re a pretty young brokerage but they seem legit. :thinking: How’s your experience with them so far?

They are licensed by Labuan FSA (Malaysia) and have been operating for over 5 years.

Early used them for investment but now only trading. I like their risk management system. It protects against my emotions :grinning:

Oh is it!? I haven’t heard the name before, need to dig further.

Something is off with this broker. They are from Malaysia, but when I checked on their forum, the language by default was Russian. This is giving me red flag.

Not good to do young brokers. you should check Tenkofx, been good for more than 8 years. No issues with funds as well.

Labuan FSA (Malaysia) does not represent the broker are regulated under Malaysia government. It is just a organization that create by a group of people. It does not have any authority to grant the access on behalf of Malaysia government. Please take note of that.

Meanwhile, it means the broker is unregulated at all. It run their retail business without any regulation. Please be aware of.

Any broker that offer investment product is not a broker. A broker shall remain as it third party which is just to offer trading only. If they offer others kind of investment scheme, it is higher chances that the broker could be a scam as they might control on how the portfolio goes.

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Thank you for this clarity. Now it makes sense that this Ice fx is nothing but run by people.

Labuan is a federal terriroty of Malaysia. The regulator LFSA requires auditing and ongoing reporting from the brokers. And ICE FX has a license to carry on money-broking business. Moreover this license requires only A-book model and allows investment.

So it is not just a group of people. Please take note of that.

I have’t heard much about them, so still need to figure out with some research. How has your experience been on the withdrawal part? Quick?

The withdrawal is not fast. Usually it takes 1-2 bussiness days. However I haven’t faced with any delaying.

They improved trading conditions twice - last year and last month. So they become more interesting for trading.