Ichimoku in new style


                    I have a system, It is old but in new style and it is none other than ichimoku. In that system all we  need is upkumo and downkumo  and don’t use tenken sen, kijun se and chikou span. Apply it on a one hour chart. Then use 14, 21, 100 200 SMA . You all set. It will look like this

Now about taking positions. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Just wait for a cross over and take position when a fresh candle forms outside the cloud. When you take position, make sure that the candle formed outside and doesn’t touch the cloud.  Take buy position when candle forms above the chart and fix a s/l below the cloud. Fix target OF 100 PIPS.  You’ll surely get 5 crossovers a month and 4 out 5 will be in profit. Try to avoid month end crossovers. You can also use m30 if you are a day trader. You will get daily cross overs. But reduce your target accordingly.  That’s all !

Here is another example

Here in the chart above you can see I took profit at 100 pips, because there is a chance of bounce back after 100 pips. So don’t be greedy or you can fix a s/l 30 pips away the market price. So that you can collect all that pips to your basket ! It’s just an example. You check your chart for more examples. Happy trading !!!

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sry, dont knw how to plot the chart

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thanks, nw read it and comment, plz vote if you like

ys its good

To enter a trade:
I have to wait for the cloud crossover and then for the price open and close above/below the cloud
or just the price open and close above/below the cloud is enough?

Hope it makes sense

Not a bad system at all. I love ichimoku. Great idea to enter after candle has crossed kumo!! :wink:

Thank you for that

That’s right bro, you have to wait for the fresh candle which forms above/below the cloud to take position. fix stop loss below the cloud if you are in buy position and vise versa

Hi bro, it seems that i can’t see the attachment when i click on it. Are you able to post it on the forum? Cheers

Bro Thanks, i just noticed it wen I saw your Message. I uploaded it again. now look it and comment,

Sorry i am still new on this, have some questions which in need from your guidance and advise.

What is upkumo and downkumo?
What is tenken sen, kijun se and chikou span?

As for the settings on SMA, what are the other settings required? Like close or?

So sorry for the dumb question. Hope you are able to assist.

TENKAN SEN (“turning line”)

(HIGHEST HIGH + LOWEST LOW)/2 for the past 9 periods

KIJUN SEN (“standard line”)

(HIGHEST HIGH + LOWEST LOW)/2 for the past 26 periods

CHIKOU SPAN (“lagging line”)

CURRENT CLOSING PRICE time-shifted backwards (into the past) 26 periods

We are only using up kumo and down kumo. We use SMA bcoz, it uses world wide, so some times it may act as support or resistance. In a way it will help as in trading

Up kumo is showing uptrend and down kumo is showing down trend. It forms with the chart history till date. Got it? Have any more doubts? Feel free to ask me.

Thanks for sharing your system
What pairs do you use this on?
And what sessions?
And how long are you normally in a trade?


Very simple and mechanical system you got here. I have a question, though I totally understand entering a trade when price closes above/below the cloud, but what are the functions of the SMAs? In the first post you mentioned ‘crossovers’ but what SMA crossovers are we looking at here? Let me re-read again your post incase I missed something. Thanks

EDIT : I have re-read the thread, so you use the SMAs for Support/Resistance? How do you apply those SMAs in regards to S/R? Do you use it as TP (though you mentioned you set TP at fixed 100 pips) or as a filter? And I couldn’t find what SMA you are referring to when you said Crossovers. Sorry for the many questions, I believe it will be beneficial for other new traders who are very interested in your system. I do think however your system is simple and has great potential. How long have you traded/tested it?

Thanks friend. The system seems good. I like it. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Thanks for sharing this ‘new’ development. It is however complicated to we Newbies. For instance what colours do you use for the SMAS? What are the things that crossed over another? Is it 14 SMA or 21 or 100 or 200? Could you please explain further for the benefit of Newbies
Thanks all the same

what Ichimoku? and how do I get the cloud into the 4sma lines?