Ichimoku / RSI / Stochastics Debate. (1H TF>)

Yes, we have a heavyweight match here.
We all love those indicators!
But my honest noob question is this:
WHo can we trust? I use them in the same time and here are my findings:

1.From 1H TF> , Ichi gives completely opposite signals than RSI+ STOCH
2.Stoch and RSI are usually moving together.

And that’s about it. maybe i’m doing wrong, i mean, i shouldn’t use three big indicators simultanously.
Can you spare some thoughts??

im excavating this post since many people probably have noticed that funk phenomena

You will find it on most indicadors. The rsi and stochastics are oscillators, im not sure but i think the ichi is a trend based indicator. They are designed to be used on diferent market conditions thats why they give opposite signals.
Which one should we trust?
Its like asking what is better a screwdriver or a hammer? Both are tools and have diferent uses. Study how market moves, supports and resistances, the diferent market conditions, market theories… Based in this knowledge think on wich market condition or what pattern you wanna exploit, and only then look for the best tool (indicator)you think can work and create your own system.
This looks complicated and time consuming, and it is, but believe me, its the fastest and the most trustable way. Ofcourse this doesnt means you cant marry 3 indicators and create a winner strategy, but this would be like be hitting the dark with your hammer(indicators) wishing to hit the nail.
However this is just my opinion.
Hope it doesnt discourage you!

This post has been somewhat of a revelation to me.

hi friend…i will give a nice info regarding indicators soon…now i am busy …k…

mean while just see the setups of one senior guy…and see how stoch has being used…

here is the link to his setups