Ichimoku Trading

I will be trying to trade breakouts on the H4, based on ichimoku.

My first 2 trades went well:

EURAUD: +210.9 pips

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My second trade:

AUDJPY: +222.3 pips


Seems like you have a few “add-ons” to your basic Ichimoku there! :slight_smile:

Like some MA’s and S/R lines for your breakouts?

Nice to see someone putting separate components together to create a “whole” scenario - that, after all is the core concept behind Ichimoku

Looks a sensible , logical and maybe even profitable combo! :slight_smile:

Looks promising…


Using Ichimoku by itself I think it was a bit hard to filter out false breakthroughs some times. S/R lines definitely make sense as part of any system and the MAs have so far been a decent sense check of the ichimoku breakouts.

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Doesn’t really look promising just yet. @Bandwagontrader please provide us with more examples of your trades, and the most important show losses too.

I think that really was the idea here. It was not presented as a “finished product”. A little encouragement does not hurt - or are you perhaps just looking for someone else to do your homework for you?

I’m just being positive and encouraging the person to keep sharing both good and bad trades, although bad are even better when it comes to ‘Ichimoku breakout trading’ as we all can learn a lot more from it and leave a better feedback.

Strangely, I misunderstood that, too.

I hadn’t realised that “doesn’t really look promising just yet” was “just being positive”.

We live and learn.


No emotions in trading :wink:

I try to minimise them when trading, but not so much when chatting with people in forums.


Maybe but patience is a virtue in trading :wink:

@Bandwagontrader so you see, there is already great interest in hearing more from you - your approach is built on sound principles, and we look forward to hearing more from you - but all in your own time, of course! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your interest. Definitely not a finished product yet. I’m posting trades as I go so only those two for now, but I’ll post more when I get into some. I definitely expect that some of my trades will turn out to be losses, and I’ll post those too for sure

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Good luck with this.

(I once saw an interesting thread in another forum, with Ichimoku combined with moving averages. It was doing well and profitably, as I recall, but only lasted a few pages.)

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I got bounced out of this trade, but I was right on the direction. Frustrating seeing a healthy profit disappear on a big pull back, especially when the movement then goes in the direction you were thinking

USDCHF: +9.1 pips

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Any time you take an indicator designed for a particular situation and apply it to a new situation, you need to consider whether the settings need to be changed. The best way to do that is to know what the indicator is supposed to do, and then play around with the settings to see if you can fit the indicator to historical data.

In this case the kumo is intended to act as a zone of resistance, but it seems that it was showing a little lower than the actual rejection level. Is this just one of those things that happens sometimes, or can you tweak the settings to make the kumo more accurate?

I have a few other trades going on right now that are going well. I’ll be able to post them after I’ve exited them.

I think in this case the ichimoku settings look like they are accurate - the top of the cloud acted matched the extent of the pull back. The pull back was just too much for me to accept risk wise, so I got dumped out of the trade. It happens sometimes.

It’s one of the most complicated indicators in the settings. i think even its creator doesn’t know all the details. could you tell how it should be set for fast trade?

That’s a common misconception, but it’s not even close to true, The ichimoku was designed for traders in an era that predates computers, and was traditionally calculated by hand every day.

However, it is different enough from western indicators that it takes a little while for westerners to wrap their head around it. Once you understand the parameters and the output, it’s just a combination of SMA crossover and dochian channels.

There are three parameters, and the first two relate to the period of the two ‘moving averages’. Fit those to the recent data and you are already most of the way there.

Hi Everyone

This is what I traded on Ichimoku Cloud


I welcome your views and comments on my above two trades.

Yes, there are breakdowns. However, I don’t understand what is Ichimoku? Is the indicator used to confirm the trend, and to trade a breakdown on it?