Ichimoku Winners e-book ( By Ahmed Elagouz )

[B]Hello Forex Winners

Greetings from Egypt [/B]:cool:[B] 

My name is Ahmed Elagouz and Here is my free e-book ( Ichimoku Winners ) .
I have published it in November 21, 2012 on my blog. You will know how to read the market with Ichimoku Kinkō Hyō indicator which is the best on your MetaTrader.
You can use it alone , can mix it with price action trading or use it with trend lines to take perfect signals from it.
I have written the e-book in an easy and simple way to be understandable for all. Also there are lots of pictures to be more easy for you. So , your English shouldn't be perfect to understand the e-book. It's time to join Forex Winners !

[/B]Lean more about Ichimoku Clouds (Kumos) on Ichimoku Winners e-book
Also you : Will know how to use Chinko Span.
Will know how to use kijun sen.
Will know how to use tenkan sen.

Read the e-book directly from here:


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Best wishes for all :slight_smile:
Ahmed Elagouz

[B]Hello ,
I will share some chances up to date as examples

Here was a chance for a short trade on the Daily chart on GBP USD [/B]
Click on the picture to see it clear

[B]Daily chart for USD CAD

2 Trend lines
Manual Fibo

Important candle on USD CAD
1 / 23

Click on the picture to see it clear


[B]USD JPY time frame : H4
Jan 23, 2013
-3 trend lines
-Manual Fibo

Looking for breaking ( Fibo 23.6 & the trend line ) and going out of the Kumo.

Click on the picture to see it clear !

Thank you Ahmed!
I will red your book. I personally like this indicator very much, since is so complex, it’s signals are not followed by many traders, so they can give us a hint about possible price action without distort market price by himself.


[B]Hello , everyone
Chart : USD JPY
Time frame :H4[/B]

[B][B]Tools ///
2 Trend lines
Manual Fibo
The price went out of the Kumo and broke the trend line ( the middle one )
[B][B][B][B]Bought after opening the second candle from this one which[/B][/B][/B][/B][B][B][B][B][B] closed out of the Kumo.
Closed now with touching the fibo 0.0


[B]you are welcome , and it is very easy to use
just needs some practicing , good luck :)[/B]

This is all very new to me and this article really opened my eyes.Thanks for sharing with us your wisdom.

[B]Daily chart
Important trend line


[B]you are welcome :)[/B]

I have always wanted to understand this indicator, so thank you for your effort.
Do we use multiple time frames with this indicator ?
For example , if h4 has a strong buy signal" all items of the indicator works toward buy" … And daily chart is in sell mode, so what we do?

[B]You are welcome :slight_smile:
If you have a strong buy signal on H1 you can take action if you will trade for a short term.
But if you will trade for a long term , you will have to look at H4 always.
So , for your example ( Buy signal on H1 ) : you can buy and close after after 60 : 100 pips max.

[B]Daily chart // GBP USD

Respect Fibonacci Retracement

Hi, sorry I don’t understand. Do u mean that Fibonacci contradicts with the sell signal ?

Hi Ahmed,
Is this setup good for buying? Or has the Opportiounity passed, I mean entry point passed ? What would the stop loss at this chart could be?

[B]Hello ,
yes , it was late. you would buy after crossing the clouds. but the price is still going up anyway :slight_smile:
Sorry for late answer[/B]

so , if we were in sell , we must close.
and that happed already , the price touched the fibo line and went up about 180 pips ![/B]

Daily chart

Just closed now.
Closed with touching the trend line


Hello Ahamed,

Nice book and nice thread. I am also use ichimoku as a tool to trade FX. I just went through your book and it is a really good one. Will find some time to read it. Would like to see your trades an analysis based on Ichimoku.

Best Regards

[B]Weekly chart // EUR USD

About +400 pips after crossing the Kumo
Looking for the correction on the H4 and Daily charts.
Next trading week will be interesting.
Nice weekend for all traders.