ICmarkets change my account from TRUE ECN to raw spread

Has anybody met similiar situation like i have?
No advance notification,
when i try withdraw , came pop up notification thats my account was changed

Live chat currently still offline, tiil this thread created

I have problem with IC markets. I made withdrawal and I didn’t receive anything. They claim they already deposited.

It is changed to me as well. I asked live chat a few days ago, but it’s nothing more just a rename. The conditions are the same

I think this problem because our ICmarkets from ASIC regulated become FSA regulated,

I try withdraw all my money and move it to rakuten.au
I dont trust FSA

They also did a huge slippage to loss 15% on a single trade, when my robot set stoploss at only 2%
This broker has nothing you are looking for.
You guys better move your money to another trusted brokers.

True, Early daily opening getting ridicules wide