I know I might be a bit late on the bandwagon but apparently this guy is the ultimate teacher. Ive looked everywhere and it seems hes gone missing. Can anyone please post links to the threads and videos hes uploaded please?! Im desperate to turn my life around. His twitter name would be fantastic as well.



Oh yes… He is very much the best trader that posted in this forum. He took so many of us from knowing nothing to full time profitable traders… And he himself was insanely profitable with the methods he taught… He is making his own website now, you should definitely go and wait for that to open, maybe even check daily or every few hours to make sure you don’t miss anything… And I highly recommend you follow EVERYTHING he teaches… Also it would be cool if you come back to this forum and spread what you learned, maybe make a thread so we can share the valuable methods he taught you.

Good Luck Good Trading!!!

Its definitely something I would do. I love to teach. As I said, I need all the links to his threads and videos so I can absorb everything he can possibly give me. I would most definitely be teaching what I know to show my appreciation and in honour of him :slight_smile: so yeah, if anyone could share those links id be in eternal debt to them :smiley:

Awesome! Yes we shall honor him together… As we make our fortune using Judas Swings and trinity OTEs… He’s such a generous teacher doing it all for free too. Luckily I have all of his videos saved to my hard drive… My most valuable possession actually.

He most certainly is from what ive read. And his life story… wow. Do you have all the links ChristianGrey? (Obviously thats not your real name lol)

Like I said I have a hard drive that has all his videos saved to it… Right now I have that hard drive in my banks safety deposit box (don’t want to lose it due to any accident or anything)… I’ll see if I can get it in the next day or two and I’ll see if I can up load some.

Fantastic. Id massively appreciate that. How many videos are there do you know? They sound really valuable, may have to invest in a new hard drive just for them :slight_smile:

Over a hundred hours worth… And seeing that I’ve seen each one a couple times through, I’ve spent a TON of time on it… Practically memorized it all

Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to post those videos in the Forums. If you do, they will be deleted. The copyright holder, ICT, requested they be removed, which is why you can’t find them on BabyPips.com. There are plenty of threads about this issue. Keep searching.

ChristianGrey, if you post them without authorization from ICT and we leave them, we could be held liable for copyright infringement, and that’s not something we want to get involved in.



Lol. Apparently Cgrey is not being serious. Haha!!

If that’s the case, there’s nothing to worry about. :slight_smile:


Im confused. What do you mean cgrey isnt being serious??

Also, im trying to send someone a private message. Why is it saying permission denied?

May I ask, this trader you are talking about what’s his thread name?

The trader I was talking about is the famous InnerCircleTrader. A living legend among this forum

Private Messaging (PM) isn’t enabled until you reach 50 posts.


There’s two problems with this thread. I’ll start with the first: What’s wrong with google or the search facility of the site?

Second, what’s up with the snide remarks? Someone is asking for help, if you can’t help them, why bother, is this how you live your life? Go look in a mirror. Ask yourself what you see.

Huh…??? ICT is my mentor and has helped me achieve my dream of trading full time… Learning all his techniques that I’m pretty sure all professional traders must use in the banking world… I Still feel like he can teach me more.

Bruce, sad that I can’t post ICTs videos, I’m so glad I downloaded them all though… Perhaps you can get them off ICTs website for a small fee when he opens it up

Good luck good trading!!!

ya know, i’m all for wit and sarcasm, but bruce better know how dreadfully sarcastic CG is being…

What problems are you experiencing, Thrax? Using the sitewide Google search box at the top of the page or the Forum-specific search box both yielded plenty of ICT related search results. Searching the Forum for “Innercircletrader” yielded as many, if not more, results. Are you experiencing something different?