Ideas for 4/10

Ok - we had a little joy in a knife fight in the holiday session…

Now what? - well - these crazy asians are taking everything to the moon. The dollar is getting wacked. Now I know I was playing dollar weakness but this is a bit much. I actually don’t have any good ideas for today… Everything is at the target. Just a spectator from here.

Hi mate

your doing the right thing, being on the sidelines and watching and waiting is a valid poisiton

Looking at the charts usd/jpy, it would have been a nasty position to get into. Waiting to get a clearer picture is prob the best way. Japan held rates again as expected, I would have expected the yen to weaken.

Hi N_aftab,

I sat out friday too. That was some crazy trading on friday. It seems everytime a new speaker stepped up at the G7, things went nutso. I thought it humoruous that all the big spikes in the jpy trading came form comments form the Canadians and the French!

Anyway, I’ve had two decent weeks so no need to ruin it on Friday. Looking forward to seeing how things trade sunday night and monday. I will look to enter some trades on monday night in the late Asian session and tuesday.