IDEAS for Posting results of a signal service

HYA FX family :slight_smile: ,

Recently we have subscribed for a FX signal service and now planning to post the results here. Two reasons for that

  1. To keep track of the performance myself
  2. It might give people a choice to choose from !

We don’t want this to be a trade suggestion …so planning to post the trades only after those are taken.
Will this help any of you ? Any suggestion on how to go about this ? Will wait for a week for the suggestions and based on that will start a new thread posting the trades and the results of it !

Awaiting suggestions :33:

Please don’t. This is a place for people to learn to be profitable and not take a chance with some random signal provider.

I think it is better to start your own journal to keep track records. I am also agree with mastergunnder99

Yes u guys are right … thats why wanted to ask before posting em… will keep a seperate journal for them.
Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

We have a group that is testing signal service
We are testing 2 and soon to be 3

Hi Christinaa,

Nice to hear that and can you paste the link here … so that Naadhan can also join :21: !

Happy to know this :slight_smile:

hello i cant post it here because thats advertising
please turn your private message on