If a recession does come, how will it affect your daily life?

I realize the mood is a bit doom and gloomy with the question on recession and also talks about the ridiculously high cost of gas.

BUT in case prices do keep going up and we end up in a global recession, how will this affect your life? :open_mouth:

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I can already feel it tbh. :confused: I’d probably just stay at home and uninstall all the food delivery apps in an effort to save money. :sweat: Grocery shopping wouldn’t be as fun, either. :frowning:

That’s great! :pray: I also wish I could say that. :open_mouth: Would you say this is something you’ve prepared for?

Thing is I live a simple life with enough income to support my needs. A minimalist man.

Yeah food delivery services are definitely a big expense especially here since tips are also a good % of the cost of eating out or getting delivery.

My daughter uses all those food delivery apps and it drives me mad. I keep telling her - just walk to the shops !!

I’d prefer to see an Alien invasion

I reckon it’s only a matter of time…

The BBC will still be talking about energy prices as the priority like when we get abit of snow

It will affect all aspects of everyone’s life .
I have a stove for my sitting room so when I see value for timber or peat briquettes I buy them .
Luckily I live out the country so I can store them and have done this for years a real saver on heating .

Oof sounds v expensive. Could be worth it though if it saves her a lot of time that she can use to make more $$$…

For me, I am facing more than a recession. Because I exist in a country which is the aggressor, I am on the receiving end of the full brunt of sanctions. I am beginning to feel the pinch. It is getting harder to find jobs, wages are shrinking, some of my favourite products are disappearing, all international payment systems are blocked so I can’t sell software. I am well aware that things will only get worse and for a long time, so I have no choice but to move on, save up enough to move somewhere else before things become.too difficult.

Where are you thinking of moving? So sorry to hear about your country’s situation… I’m glad you still sound optimisitc.