If a system works why share it with the world?

As a novice I do appreciate that so many people are willing to share their strategies.

Having said that I’m trying to figure out why people do this?..I mean if you really do have a system that works wouldn’t you want to keep it on the low down?

Are people really genuinely sharing strategies for good reason ie purposes of improvement to the system, wanting to help other traders?

I can think of a few reasons without even much effort.

Remember trading is a lonely profession - interaction with others becomes a need. Once a person’s financial needs are satisfied, he is still left trying to get emotional satisfaction. Believe me recognition of family members is only partly satisfying, recognition of a peer group is more so.

Some people genuinely like helping others and making a difference in the world. I suppose they could use the money to that end and hang on the strategy, so maybe someone else can explain this one.

One reason I would use as justification is payback. Many of the little people who suffered in the financial crisis deserve a chance to make it back and to do it in the markets has a sense of delicious irony.

Also, sharing a functioning system doesn’t hurt its profitability, as long as it isn’t used by millions of people.
So, no harm in sharing with a few dozen or hundred people.
And CodeMesiter is right: sharing something good and being thanked for it is a nice warm feeling. :slight_smile:


I am happy that there are people out there to share and teach . Whether you pay or not for their services . Also there are a lot of people out there willing to charge you and claim to make a gazZillion in a day.

Simple, In the end, No matter how well it works, Traders will make the System fail, thru their very own will.

Have you ever seen a square wheel? Or a Oval Wheel, Or an octagon wheel?

Just because someone shares their system with you, doesn’t mean you will follow the rules of the system.

Following a system takes discipline and a strong belief of your system. Plus, not everyone is suited for a specific system presented to them.

The tough part is finding one that suits you.

Good luck.

I would say maybe 0.1% share a system just to help…most of them share a system for testing and improvements they why is hard to find a good system.

Not to say that the edge dilutes and you don’t need millions traders…probably hundreds to mess a system.

You have to learn how to separate the strategies that are works in progress and those which have a track record and are viable.

The number of traders using a system does not impact its profitability, it is the size of the trades made that can do so.

1000 new traders with micro accounts will move a currency less than one hedge fund trying to break a currency…

really it s very good information for me

why wouldn’t you share??? if everyone is making money, doesn’t mean you will make less. therefore, the more we all make, the better for everyone! it’s like playing black jack in a casino. we are not playing against each other, we are playing against the dealer.

One Reason For Me…

there is more happiness in giving than receiving…:slight_smile:


as major frank burns once said [I]“it’s nice to be nice to the nice”[/I]. :59:

Believe it or not, the happiest folks in the world are the “givers”. IMHO, life is much like a mirror. What you put forward is reflected directly back at you.

As for the money thing, there is so much of it out there that a) there is plenty to share and go around, and b) compared to major funds, countries, and national banks, the money that most retail traders place in and out of the market is not much more than a ripple.

I appreciate those who are willing to share and help and am always happy to do so myself.

The best thing in life are free… so some humble and caring people who develop their own system try to help others in making money… its a nice human gesture and not many can do it… Helping the needy helps in getting closer to god.

When you think about it, historical evidence would suggest that sharing of information is what created leverage, swap, slippage, volitility swings, spreads (bank and broker edges) - as we all know technology has since taken over with the ability to backtrack, dissect and reverse engineer any system on all timeframes in periodic measures within minutes.

I am new to Babypips forum, however I am a seasoned trader, like most traders I have created my own system and perfected it over time, I still hesitate to share certain information, like anything else, when it comes to money, your system will eventually be copied, modified and marketed. I guess you could say that to me it would be like sharing your salary in a work environment. Not criticizing the sharing of best practices, just not used to it.

I have seen similar strategies to my own, however the closest match I have encountered to date is an estimated 60%, various missing elements or different components. (I guess that’s why there are menus in restaurants)

There are many reasons why someone would share their strategy. Some really would like to help, share the experience they have so far in order to advise others what mistakes they should avoid. Others perhaps would like to do it in order to keep it as their own journal and review their direction so far. Remember that strategies always need to change and improve as they cannot give positive results forever. By sharing with others and perhaps posting it somewhere (often like in this forum) they will manage to track the experience ans results which will help them and the people they share with, to develop it even more. It could be a win-win situation.

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