If trading were to completely disappear tomorrow, what would you do instead?

No forex, no stocks, no futures, not even crypto. Anything that requires a broker or trading platform, gone. Where would we find you instead?

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Great question.

I’d probably become a travel writer.

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Hahah such an odd situation, but if there was no trading tomorrow, I’d traded today only.

Would seem like the end of the world :smiley:


I’d be a food blogger / recipe builder. Prob not gonna make money doing that but who says I’m making money trading forex :laughing:

This is a very good question. It seems to me that I would try to find some other additional source of income. Maybe some small part-time job on the Internet, I don’t even know. Or, maybe I would start some hobby. Personally I always liked tennis, but I don’t have enough time for it. And I would like to try it)