If you could only trade ONE pair for the rest of 2020, what would it be and why?

The question shouldn’t be too limiting, it’s not forever. :sweat_smile:

I guess you can also phrase it as, “If you could only trade ONE pair during this COVID-19 year, which would it be and why?”

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XAU/USD , stability

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XAUUSD = it will be simple: risk on or risk off. :smiley_cat:

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GBPUSD. I don’t have any evidence for why, but I do feel with all of what’s going on in both countries, it may offer more time trending than sideways, with higher volatility. Not sure why others give reasons of stability, when Forex trading is supposed to be based on volatility. BTW I have been long gold for 33 years!


DAX - on 5min chart. London 8am though to early evening. Maybe take Monday and Friday off if I feel like a long week end.

Dax tends to go in nice little trends and takes a lunch break. :sweat_smile:


I like XAU/USD. Will definitely have to get into that. Surprised no one has replied with EUR/USD! :open_mouth:

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Here is a “sort of” XAU/USD. With no leverage

A sort of “live learning exercise” for me. I figured the risk/reward was pretty compelling, and needed to know how to shift Crypto around the world from a practical point of view.

I would trade GBPUSD because I live in a country where our time is same as that in London and also I love this pair because it is always trending.

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Yeah - EUR/USD would be my favourite currency pair.
The DAX has been behaving rather badly over the past couple of days for my day trading trend strategy, However, I see it’s been quite remarkable over the Asian session but the spreads get a bit high over night here in the UK. Perhaps I could become a night trader and pay the extra spread as an entrance fee to the Asian Trading Club ? :wink:

Woah spoke too soon ! 10am Dax tanking ! :rofl:

Missed it. I think it’s going to lunch !

What did you end up doing? :open_mouth: With DAX I mean! EURUSD been on a tear! Not sure where it’s headed now though.

I didn’t trade again that day, as I had missed the morning rush !
Sometimes, when you miss things you just have to say that there will be another time and sit on your hands.
The end of last week (last week in July) was good on DAX).
Yeah the EURUSD has been on a tear alright !
Hope you are doing well with EURUSD - :grinning:


Times like this, I think I’m just greedy concentrating on the DAX at the expense of the EURUSD :wink:

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I think that would be USDJPY. I fully understand this pair.

Only DAX -
daytrading/scalping DAX is like driving a Formula 1 Racing car. Low spreads, high volatility on small time frames, large overnight gaps for gap- speculations. The badger hoovered me since corona-trading in the profit zone. But he can bite and scratch as well- if you don’t treat him carefully, he will punish you .

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Absolutely !


ponponwei - Have a look at the DAX what happened today after London open, on 5min chart all day. Just put an 8EMA and 20SMA .
Now that’s good DAX behaviour :sunglasses:

If you put the Daily Pivot point on, you can even see where it goes for tea breaks :wink:

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Oh my, I’m new to Daily Pivots but wow that is fascinating!

GBP USD. Have always traded on them, my calculations and estimations have been more accurate than less, so I would continue trading them.