If you could only trade one pair for the rest of your life, which pair would you choose?

For me, it would be GBP/USD.

Maybe not for rest of life but right now - this very min - I’d buy it


Because stupid EG is falling & I need it to go the other way coming into Spring :slight_smile:

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It’s still the most stable and most traded pair on the planet. And since it is mostly range bound, both bulls and bears can make money at any time. Traders and institutions know this, so there is a lot of two-sided trading on any timeframe. It’s a scalpers paradise.

Certainly for me at the moment: EUR/USD. My friend advised me when I was just starting to become interested in trading, with the words 'start with EUR/USD

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Very interesting discussion! I am relatively new to FX, but love Excel so I did some calculations. I have 4 open trades, and 39 closed. The by far best result in closed trades is GBPUSD. However, I only did 1 trade in that pair… The next in terms of return is AUDUSD, with USDJPY following. This is of course biased by the fact that I have only traded 6 pairs (8 if you include open positions). Also, with the conditions recenty, I am better off going long USDJPY and short AUDUSD, based on my returns recently. This is of course based on time frame and economic data, and can change in an instant.

Here What do you choose? , you can see that most people are discussing EURUSD and XAUUSD (Gold). These two are the most favored in the overall market.

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I always lose on gold, but it’s like a magnet.
Do ok on usd/jpy though.

If I had to pick just one, I’d go with the EUR/USD pair.
But don’t marry an asset

for me it would be usdchf
underrated but is not really volatile and come with luck for me :blush:

I would pick XAU/USD, aka Gold.

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Definitely Gold, I mean it is the most profitable pair that I have ever worked on.


Gold. In fact it is going to be the ONLY pair I trade. I’ve been demo trading since about November and I’ve only traded gold. Reason being is if I can focus on 1 pair only that allows me to familiarize myself with the way it moves and when I look at it every day you just start you learn the way it moves if that makes sense. If there’s no setup that day or I don’t like the way gold is moving I don’t trade I don’t go looking at other pairs for possible setups. I watch gold instead.

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