If you could trade only 1 commodity/ currency pair/ crypto for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Hmmm. I would probably go for NZDCAD just because it’s what I’ve been looking into ever since my 2nd attempt at trading. :open_mouth: How about you guys? :blush:

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I trade DAX in the morning and NASDAQ in afternoon UK time.
I say NASDAQ as first choice 'cos I’m not a morning person !
Can’t wait to get back to Far East :sunglasses:

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Bitcoin. But that is cheating because it needs to be traded against another crypto, just like Forex needs two currencies.

I don’t think I’ve ever looked at that pair before. I’d better look!!

I don’t understand. What does DAX have to do with morning time? Volatility relative to your time zone?

As for me, I wish I knew more about ETFs. Long-term, I would trade SPY or whatever ETF tracks S&P, and just compound.

Short-term. I’d trade USD/DKK. I just like how it moves!!

I think i will go for EURUSD.

Yes - London open 8.0am for DAX I like open volatility - NASDAQ opens 2.30pm London time. I’m in UK time zone.

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Wow - I have just taken a look at USD/DKK. Talk about moves - it shimmies !
What about the spread ? On IG I’ve seen it fluctuate between 20 - 40 spread, seems a very expensive pair to trade or is that just IG taking the p ?

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That spread sounds about right. To be honest, I don’t think about the spread so much. Spreads widen and shorten, but I never consider them in my trading plan. If the pair provides volatility, there’s plenty movement to cover the spread.

If not, I’d only trade EUR/USD.

Perhaps considering the time/spread could save me some money, right?

@Johnny1974 How do you like the charts on IG?
For me, they’re the best!!

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I have used IG for a number of years - they are okay. As you say their charts and platform are good. The only problem is margin. When I say margin is a problem, for example it’s difficult to add to a winning position when all margin is taken on entry. This is not just IG of course, it’s government legislation. It really doesn’t make sense that stop loss isn’t taken into account - if you have a 100pip sl you will potentially lose 10 times more than a 10pip sl but the margin is the same. This is one reason some traders are migrating off shore. sometimes to dodgy brokers.
With this in mind, I am considering TradeDirect365 an Australian broker with an off shore set up and funds held in an escrow account at Barclays London.

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The DOW - and why I don’t trade it now is beyond my comprehension…maybe it’s time to get out of my groove and learn to trade it properly.

I know why you don’t trade the Dow @steve369 - because it’s outside your timezone.

However that need not be a problem, some of the best and smoothest moves come when the market is effectively closed.

As soon as the bell rings all hell often breaks loose, seriously messing with your stop losses - I’d even go as far as to say some of the largest moves occurs in stocks when markets are asleep.


Oh good question id say itd have to be GBPUSD

XAU/USD for sure.

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I would say EURUSD then.

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Gold for me.

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Undoubtedly, it’s gonna be AUD/USD.

Probably eur/usd if I had to choose one

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I trade US30 Index close London open NY.


I guess I will pair one of the major pairs like eurusd to enjoy risk free trading. In fact, this is what I have been actually doing till now, just trading the major pairs.

Without any doubt, it’s EUR/USD.