If you could trade only 1 commodity/ currency pair/ crypto for the rest of your life, what would it be?

USD/JPY. It’s like an old friend, or a pair of well worn shoes.

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It would be Eur/USD because it’s so great and we all aware of it

Itd probably be GBPUSD. It has enough movement and works well with how i trade

Definitely, it’s EUR/USD.

It would be EUR/USD if I have to trade only one currency pair as it is the most liquid currency and can be easily predicted.

This pair has also been quite good to me. :blush: Do you have an open trade on this pair right now? :smiley:

I bet. :stuck_out_tongue: Although I’m sure it takes guts and lots of patience to get to that level though. :sweat_smile:

Ooooh. :blush: As expected, EURUSD is a popular choice. :smiley:

Just trust in a method to be honest. That comes with time and evidence to support it.

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As of now it’s USD/JPY. This pair never disappoints me. Hope the bullish trend continues for a long time.

I think SP500, it’s not so hard to win with this one.

EURUSD for sure

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It must be one of the major pairs. I am having a tough time choosing between EUR/USD and USD/JPY. I think I will trade at least 2 pairs even in this case.

I would trade gold as a commodity and EUR/USD as a currency pair.

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Crude Oil or Brent Oil, these are my two most profitable instruments. So, why not go with the ones I’m already winning a lot on.

Are you trading commodities or CFDs? I’m just curious.

My broker offers them as CFDs, so I trade them as CFDs.

As a retail trader, if you are trading commodities, you are most likely trading them as CFDs rather than trading the physical commodity itself

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XAG/USD. If currency, GBP/USD.

I wasn’t specific. I meant futures vs CFDs. In the US, CFDs aren’t available–just futures.

When I first learned of commodities, I was interested because I thought they could be traded the same way FX is traded. I’m assuming the CFDs can be traded OTC just like FX lots.

But, I found out that in the US, commodities can only be traded as futures and other derivatives, but not CFDs. Futures have an expiration element that I never bothered to learn about.

I didn’t wanna take the time to learn it, so I just focused on FX instead.

How do you like CFDs?

Right. I didn’t assume you had physical certificates in your bank vault. haha But you never know…

On my side it all depends on how the broker offers them. For example, one broker that I’m using in South Africa offers commodity trading as CFDs and they have an expiration element, but what they’ve done is that if you have any open positions on the expiration date, they won’t be affected by this. So, you can keep on holding onto your positions for however long you like, you don’t have to manually close them nor will they automatically be liquidated.

You’d just receive a notification about the expiration date only but it doesn’t in any way affect you as a trader or your positions (if you have any).

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