If you're a scalper, do you trade trends or ranges?

If you’ve tried trading both, which do you prefer and why?

scalping is really a risky approach , at the moment i am avoiding it . need a powerful money management first of all.

I suppose I’m in the scalper category, 5mins and 1min charts. I do not trade ranges as I find them more difficult to judge, trends are much easier on the eye (and brain), also there is always the possibility of getting a good runner.

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Haven’t trade both, only trends. But I’ve seen plenty of strategies that use MACD or stochastics RSIs with some MAs mixed in.

And I agree with Johnny1974’s reasons.

I guess with trading a range you’re looking for the tops and bottoms of the range and looking for reversals right?

Yeah I figured this was the answer.

Correct. Vs trends where you’re just following along.

As a scalper, I will wait for the market trend to be clear according to my self-analysis. If the market is in ranging conditions, then I will hold no trade. From my experience so far, when the market is ranging, I experience losses more often.

So I recommend scalpers, especially beginners, to pay attention to clear market trends. So this type of scalping trading will be optimal. Thanks.

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Range looks safer for me because often price trades with less volatility within them. The benefits of this approach is higher precision in trade entries (since less slippage) also if you have slow reaction, ranges give you more time to evaluate market conditions and determine should you enter or not.

I believe to be a well rounded trader you need to be able to be flexible and trade range or trend and your strategy should be able to identify what to do, where, how and when.