iForex indicies and crypto for long-term trading

I’m looking for one more broker for long-term trading and I think this one fits my interest. I see iForex offers a good choice of cryptos and indices. That’s what I need.
To be exact, I need exactly US indices to trade them alongside cryptos. I recently noticed they move synchronically. Since cryptos usually follow Bitcoin, it makes sense to compose a sort of portfolio of cryptos and indices. For short-term trading other assets are more appropriate, but it’s not my primary concern. For me the broker’s regulation matters more now cuz it justifies long-term trading here.
What do you think about trading cryptos and indices synchronically?

I first heard about this relationship a year ago. It was a pleasant discovery for me. Earlier I was used to trading indices separately from cryptos bcz I didn’t know about that relationship. I often opened trades on indices in the morning and held’em till the evening. That’s a nice idea to combine these assets but I don’t do this. Long-term trading is not for me. I’m hot tempered and usually hold trades for an hour or two. For some reason I do the only exception for indices bcz these are one of the most predictable assets. As for the broker, I think any regulated broker is worth joining if you have extra funds to deposit, of course.

Ah you are looking US broker?

I haven’t opened a trading account with the broker yet but I’ll do it soon. That’s for sure. I like long-term trading. It’s not so nervous as short-term one. I hate anything nervous. I always seek a peaceful life. I know in trading it’s not always possible but long-term trading is close to it. Most of the time you need to wait and you are nervous only when the price approaches certain levels.

What do you mean by “long term”, are you talking days, months, years? Indices are expensive to hold through FX brokers. If you’re looking at holding for weeks or months then you might consider investing in an ETF through a stock broker.

Sorry I missed =/

I’m not necessarily looking for an American broker. It doesn’t matter for me which country it belong to. The main thing is that it should suit me as a partner. I’m talking about its attitude to me as a client, its trading conditions, and certainly regulation. The rest doesn’t matter. As I told above, this broker is interesting to me, although it’s not US but Hungarian, if I’m right.
As for what I mean by telling “long-term trading”, I can answer that in my understanding any trade that lasts for more than a day is long-term trading. Furthermore, I don’t see a problem in holding long-term indicies trades with FX brokers. As for ETFs, I tried them but I like cryptos and indices more.

I have recently joined the broker to trade cryptos. I’ve been trading for more than two years and all this time I trade cryptos only. I remember I tried some conservative assets such as currency pairs and indices and didn’t like them because I hate everything having to do with fundamentals, economic data and other similar stuff.
As a regulated company, the broker suits and the first trading week with it shows everything flows smoothly. I even made one withdrawal.

What strategies do you use?

I don’t have a concrete strategy. I just try to be as attentive as possible. I try to timely notice the moment the price hits a certain level and then immediately open a trade. That’s all. It’s all about the speed of reaction and the ability to focus on the chart.