IG closing their platform for technical reasons at most volatile time of day

a very profitable day marred by IG closing their charts for about half a hour during the most volatile part of the day.unable to use indicators or moving average s for the rest of the afternoon , not been able to view a specific time frame without it disappearing .

The Dow dropped 2000pts at one point today. Its no surprise a broker reacted to this extraordinary occurrence with an extraordinary response. It would no nobody any good if they went broke.

yes true i understand , no sales on USA indices for a length of time and any deal was only by telephone, though i was trading the Dax and this was still trading as seen on my mobile, which is a basic android and difficult to trade on.The PC site was closed for about half hour . They said their priorities were not technical issues, the rest of thet afternoon you got a dysfunctional chart it happens often

I would definitely say, on a day like today, its just one of those things - but if this sort of outage of service occurs on a regular day, get a new broker.

yes fair comment there was quite alot of unhappy bunnies on the forum

If your Broker cannot maintain their Platform during high volatility, dump them and find another Broker that can… It just adds a whole new level of financial risk to trading if you have no way to Sell, Buy or close out positions in this highly volatile environment.

ANY traders that think outages or technical issues are “just one of those things” during volatility need to visit a Proctologist… Millions of dollars in development of Servers, Platforms and communications has been spent to insure this shouldn’t be an issue with today’s digital systems.

Trading Forex is dangerous enough without this infrastructure “oversight” from your Broker… you can bet their side of the Platform doesn’t leave them exposed to the Markets…

A similar thing happened with new retail Stock Broker Robinhood… their site was down on Monday 9th, the most volatile trading day in the past decade… Millions of dollars lost by exposed retail traders…

“What did the almost $1,000,000,000 invested in their highly rated Platform go towards if market volatility caused it to buckle under the pressure”

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thanks for your feedback ,yes and you find in all industries at times it s the largest or most well known are the worst culprits of “foul play”

the sort of companies what leave bogus comments on trust pilot ect