Iiraqi dinar revalue rate

This websiteIiraqi dinar revalue deals with iraqi dinar in Forex . Does anyone can suggest me the best alternative? I want to know much about other platform or brokers to start my new business of Forex trading. If someone has any ideas please post here or PM me, thanks! iraqi dinar revalue

It has become fact that the Iraqi Cabinet and CBI announced, last october 2014, there will be dropping of zeros beginning 2016. That is why the 50 dinar denomination was cancelled April… They are getting ready for it.

Revalue will never take place this year 2015… It is official and well-know that in the preliminary stage ( 2015 ) CBI will issue new smaller denominations of 50 & 100 Iraqi new dinar. Deletion of zeros, according to CBI, is a must and certain procedures have taken place since October 2014 to pave the way for the deletion of zeros in the first quarter of 2016.

Iraqi dinar revaluation will never happen in year 2015. However, the good news is that CBI and the Iraqi Government

annouced, back in October 2014, that revaluation of Iraqi Dinar is a must for the Iraqi Economy to stop the deterioration

of the Iraqi Economy and meet the economic demands of the flourishing Iraqi market. Cbi announced that new denominations

would be issued; the new Iraqi dinar denominations 25000, 10000, 5000, 1000, 500 and 250 IQD. All denominations issued had

stronger security & blind-friendly features. CBI also annouced the deletion of the 50 Iraqi Dinars denomination because it

contradicts with the issue of the New Iraqi dinars in the first quarter of 2016 which will be without zeros. Deletion of

zeros will include the following denominations:- 25000, 10000, 5000, 1000. 500 & 250. So the new denominations will be 25

Iraqi Dinar, 10 IQD, 5 IQD, 1 IQD and coins will be 1/2 IQD and Quarter IQD. It is expected in the second quarter of 2015

that new Iraqi denominations of 50000 and 100000 to be issued so that the banknot collection is complete: 100 IQD, 50 IQD,

25 IQD, 10 IQD, 5 IQD, 1 IQD. Of course, such currency reset will need a two year transition period ( starting the first

quarter of 2016 ) as it needs planning and gradual presentation to the market.

Buy EUR and USD and sell Dinars will be best option I guess to protect your savings from devaluation.
If there were a USD/IQD pair with normal liquidity I would go long for sure :slight_smile:

First off, not sure if the query was for real - but assuming it was would do what profitably suggested for even a bare facts read up on post Iraqi dinars rates makes it clear that it makes more sense to go long on others and sell Iqd…

I doubt IQD pairs will be available for trading anytime soon (online). I agree with Fxmall about questioning if the query was real. Smells more like an attempt at marketing a link.

Who on earth would want to trade IQD pairs, retail wise, right now? Just does not make sense…and yeah,. something does smell fishy about this thread, that’s for sure…