IIROC - Can Canadians legally have accounts overseas with brokers not registered

I am looking to get an overseas account because the IIROC rules are so limiting.

Does anyone know if this is doable if so can you recommend a broker

I don’t think its a problem

You won’t have problem with offshore brokers. A few of them are Legally registered in offshore lands, but the IIROC rule will not affect you. It would also be better if you Use an electronic payment system for deposit and withdrawals instead of direct bank transfer. Some of these offshore brokers offer better trading conditions. I have been trading with an offshore broker for a long time now.

I reside in Ireland, but I have three colleagues in Canada who trade forex as well. I introduced three of them to my broker Profiforex since last year. This broker is registered in Seychelles and they accept US and Canadians without any problem. I have not heard any complain from them and not even about IIROC whatever.

They accept traders from all countries. There are other good offshore forex brokers out there as well