I'm a trader

Hi everyone! My name is Dmitriy, I have been trading in the financial markets since 2007. I focus on such themes like: practice trading, trading systems, money management and teaching novice traders. I will be glad to share with you my ideas about trading and investing and do the best for those, who wants to become a profitable trader.
You can follow me on TradingView - DLavrov, where I write my ideas for different financial instruments. And ask any questions about the trading.
Wish you good luck and be green )

Welcome! :slight_smile:

What type of drawdown did you experience in '08?
What instruments do you primarily trade (and how) and what type of returns have you avg’d over the last 9 years?


Welcome! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how to trade Dimitriy. Can you share or teach me how you do it?

Hi Jake! Thanks for you questions! In 2008, I was a novice trader and as many of them had great trades with huge profit and lost deposits. It was funny time when you traded without any rules. After that I used different trading systems, like 3 Screens by Elder, traded based on candlestick analysis. The results were not stable, there were period of time with 10-20% profit per month and with drawdowns at the same levels. About 2 years ago I started creat my own trading system. Now I use it in my work. My profit target is about 50-80% year, with drawdown not more then 25%. My trading system is based on technical tools only - 5 indicators. And I think it’s the best trading system for my. I have been trading currency, commodities indices mainly.

Hi Ying17! It’s no problem. Trading is simple thing - really. The main thing why traders lose their money - they do wrong things. If you want to become profitable trader, start with learning in Babypips school. You will need the knowledge base in order to move on the higher level. At the same time when you study theory, open an account on socila trading network - I could advice you. It’s really the great place for novice traders because you could contact with PRO traders, asking the questions why they open long or shor positions, how they trade and so on. You can master from them and also you can copy their trades and your deposit will work when you study. There are huge advantages in the socila network trading then classic Brokers. Whne you understand the main theory, the next step should be - find a trading strategy which could be suitable for you and start trading based on the rules. Demo trading or real money trading with minimum lots after you tested the systems on the historical data by your hands, step by step. When you study this system, you could use higher volume in your trading. Trade using trading systems by other authors or start developing your own. Depends on you. But note - in order to be in profit in long term - you MUST trade using the trading system and strictly follow the rules and money managment. It’s just the main idea how to start trading. If you need my exact advices, please tell me more about your knowledge level and experience of trading. What type of trading you prefer, what is your target in trading, just be a trader or you want to become capital manager? Waiting for your feedback. Good luck)

Do you have any stats you can share aside from profit targets and DD? Sharpe, VAMI, average leverage per position?

You mean stats for which period of time? I did not safe the stats when traded, I worked with different brokers and trading systems. If you mean the fresh stats, based on my trading system, you can find it on eToro. I registered for 1 month ago. I have back test. Do you need it? And what do you want to learn from it?

And I write one more time - if you want to become profitable trader, you should do several things: - get basic level of theory. You must know the differences betwen technical and fundamental analysis, you must know money managment rules and how to use it in your trading. You must have a trading system - TESTED by your hands. And you must follow your plan.


Thanks for the advise and feedback.

I have develop my own strategy but somethings holds me back. I want to use a bigger size, but we know that its also a bad idea to use bigger trade because it can loose huge amount if the market will turn against us. I’m seeing traders also earn huge profit after 5 minutes trade. Will this be possible for me? The AUD/USD seems like a very bad pair that mostly i loose. I wanted to be a capital manager.

Firstly you have a trading system. It is great. You must belive in it. Without it you will not follow your system when face with several wrong trades. That why it is very impotent to do back test. Take AUDUSD and test your system. Collect stats as much as possible. You will see drawdowns and how your system will pass them. Test till the moment you will feel that you are sure in your system. After that start trading with real money and minimum lot. Trade and contral your emotions. Follow your system day by day. Use stop loss orders with size no more then 1% from your deposit. Even you have 25 loss trades your drawdown will be 25% and your deposit still will be workable. Trade using hour charts. On minutes too much noise. Better to trade on daily charts but for this you have use in trading good set up of instruments. You do not néed to open trades for 5 minutes. You will be profitable if you could have 5 or 10 % per month. Think about this target and focus on it. Good luck!