Im afraid i´ve been the victim of a scam

What seems strange to me, now that I can access the page from another place, is that there is a deposit of 1,100 dollars that appears unaudited, but I could count on that money to trade. And this deposit is dated 4-14, and it’s still unaudited. In the same way, my withdrawal today is also listed as unaudited but it does not go through.

Have you tried to withdraw a small amount instead of the whole amount?

A well regulated broker will return funds to the account from which they were deposited but they never commit to how long this will take. This is because they need to go through anti-money laundering processes before they send any money anywhere. They need to prove the client is who they say they are and that the funds deposited legally belonged to the client in the first place and that the client has not breached any other relevant T&C’s.

But a broker that is as well regulated as I have described above would be declaring their regulators’ details all over their website plus their own addresses and contact details. This isn’t happening here and its possible this firm is not even a broker, they’re just a front to attract deposits.

I suspect that they are fake.

They answered my email:

“Because your funds have not been audited, our audit will take time until May 1st, and we will give you a satisfactory answer.”

So you have to wait a few days.

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Do they actually explain what happens with an audit? How do they audit the deposit of crypto funds? Like what could they actually do?

I’m crossing my fingers that something good happens on May 1.

Don’t get desperate but its a really stinky situation. First of all I didn'tt heard for this broker till now. Second of all if you’re using crypto transfers your deposit and withdraws must be filled same day. That’s how my withdraws are filled with the same crypto way. Keep us in touch after all.

Any updates to share? It’s past May 1 now.Let us know!

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