Im afraid i´ve been the victim of a scam

Hello, I’m new to this and I’m afraid I’ve been the victim of a scam. The question now is simply if it is normal for a broker to take 24 hours or more to allow me to withdraw my money. It just tells me that the withdrawal is successful but it does not take place. And if I want to make a withdrawal again, it tells me that it is not possible because there is an unaudited order or something like that.

Wow not good. Who is your broker? Have you reached out to their support? What do their terms say about withdrawals and how long they should take?

Should you move this over to the Scam section.

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I’m sorry, I didn’t know there was a scam section, and besides, I don’t even know if it’s a scam. My broker is Big Uncle Fx, it is just a web page where there is no contact information. I can’t communicate with them.

Yikes! It sounds like it is a scam.

What can i do?

Yea, no worries. You just might be people who’ve gone through something similar get a notification about your post if they’re subscribed there.

Woah! Can I ask why you choose them, knowing they didn’t have contact info on their website?

This the website?

m.bigunclefx com

Yes, of course. I have been contacted by a person on the networks and after a long relationship she has convinced me to invest something in forex because she was doing very well. And I just followed your instructions.

Did you know this person? And was this an employee of the network or just a user/trader/investor like

Don’t mean to sound like a jerk, but that sounds scammy already if you didn’t know the person.

They do have a email address:

[email protected]

It’s on the homepage. And contact form.

She claims to be just an iversor like me. And I don’t know her personally, but having spent so much time interacting on the networks, it really seemed to me that it couldn’t be a scam because of the amount of time invested until I decided to deposit some money. Maybe it’s real and tomorrow I can do my retreat, but honestly, it smells bad to me…

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They do have a email address:

ohhh thank you!!!
I’ll write to them and then I’ll tell them their answer. I do not want to defame without cause.

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Two signs that are not good in my opinion.

  1. No address listed on the website.
  2. They say they are a member of the US regulatory agency, the NFA. However, they are not listed on the NFA website as members. There are entries, but the entries specifically say they are not members.
  3. Their supposed NFA registration ID, listed on their website, is 1234567 (this looks really bad!)

My gut is telling me you have been scammed.

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Could be nothing, but the age of the website domain is very young, less than 3 months old. This means the website was most likely created very recently. That alone doesn’t mean its a scam website, because the company could have done a rebranding and started a new website with a new URL. But, combined with the other things highlighted already, that’s not a good sign.

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Thank you for your response and the work you have taken. I don’t smell it either, unfortunately I suppose that this also serves to learn

Did you deposit the money thru their website or give your funds to your contact? And how did you fund the account? Credit card? Bank transfer?

Hello, I never gave the money to my contact. Buy usdt through binance, and from binance I transferred to bigunclefx

Ah crypto transfer. I was thinking, if it was a bank or credit card, you could complain to them about fraud. But because it’s crypto there’s nobody to complain to about the transfer.

That sucks. Let’s see if they reply to your mail. Did you message your contact/friend? What did she say about all this?

Yes, she told me that it is normal that the withdrawal could be delayed 24 hours, and more at the end of the month when the companies are making balances and others