I'm being scammed by a broker - Cannot withdraw my money

Hello everyone, first I want to apologize because I know that my English is not the best. I am from Spain. I’m writing in the beginners forum because I have virtually no experiencie at trading.

Unfortunately I am writing in this forum because I am having serious problems with a broker. The broker is called FXREVOLUTION. Well, I started by depositing € 250, which was the minimum at that time. Little by little they insisted me to deposit more money. To the point where I have deposited € 7,000.

After looking for information about them on the internet, I could find out that they are a NON-REGULATED here (sorry i cant post links but https ://corretoresforexdeconfianca . com/fxrevolution-opinioes/ they say they are unregulated … They are not authorized in Spain to provide financial services. So I asked for the immediate withdrawal of all my money. Now that I want to withdraw they do not allow me. They disrespect ME, they tell me that I am not a man for wanting to withdraw my money.

I’m sure they mentioned to me that I could withdraw whenever I wanted. Well now they won’t let me. So I ask you on this forum, if there is any way I can withdraw my money. I have tried through the platform, but it only says “WITHDRAWAL: PENDING”. If I mention them on the phone they tell me that they are sending me the money, or that they have already sent me the money.

Of course it’s a lie. I have contacted my bank and they have not sent anything. In fact, my bank has told me that they are scammers, be very careful.

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Forget it. It is difficult to fix. Next time choose a regulated brokerage company.

I know this is unhelpful at this stage and I don’t want to be rude but why on earth did you deposit such a large amount of money with a company that you had not researched properly?

Did you do any trading on the platform with the funds you deposited? If so what was your balance at the last point you traded?

It might be worth you kicking up a fuss and saying you will post bad reviews on social media etc unless they refund your funds and threaten to report them to the police and any trading standard type organisation that exists (if at all) in Spain. Unfortunately given they are unregulated you have no recourse with a regulatory body.

Cut your losses and leave. I dont think that there will be a chance to withdraw from them. They are scammers. Consider it a life lesson.

I am sorry for the loss you have suffered but I doubt that your bank will be helpful at this point. You’d be very lucky to see any of that sum again. Practically speaking, while not much can be done about your case, it would certainly warn others about such scammers if you’d give us more details about how you came across this broker.

It’s been over a month since them has there been any development?

you can send a letter and call by phone to the financial authority of your country. they will possibly help you, thats all you can do

You can try to find a normal lawyer to help you with this.
But it is a long way and quite complicated.

I don’t know why I deposited so much money, they tricked me, they showed me great profits on their platform. They cheated on me. They do the trading for me. The balance was more than 20,000 euros. And I have already spoken with the Spanish regulator (CNMV), but they tell me that it is very difficult to achieve something and that they have already given notice about them.

How came acroos this scammers? Through an advertisement on instagram or facebook (not sure which) about investing and making money

Has anyone tried mychargeback services? Are they a trustable company? Now I’m obviusly trusting no one, not even my mother @rolenn01 @Bipin1800 @mlawson71 @anon45125995 @Auridi

I have not tried them.

No no , be very careful about that

heard about a lot of stories of this false companies service claiming that they would give you back your money. the result is you give them more money and they steal you an other time

if you have a legal problems you have to use the judiciary institutions and not private companies.
like said in this thread : letter and phonecall to FCA + the financial authority of market in Spain. and go to talk to a lawyer (from public like this it will be free because paid with your taxes)

I’ve never heard of them. I recommend asking in the Brokers section.

There isn’t much that you can do at this point. Just be very careful with selecting a broker next time. Go with a reliable one.