I'm Excited, Cause A Change Is A Coming!

Hello To My Hustling Ballers:

I’m new to this exciting platform. I have always wanted to learn about stocks and such. I wish my parents or schools would have taught me more about finances when I was younger. Nevertheless, since the times are changes, so shall we. I look forward to meeting creative and exciting individuals.

All the best,

500 Hungry Gorillas

Welcome in BP community :slight_smile:

Welcome to BP. I agree financial literacy is something that is lacking in most of society and learning it is a worthwhile pursuit. Best of luck!

Welcome onboard…love the energy!!!

I think babypips is a great platform for beginners to get help from experienced forex traders. Forex trading is not easy but when you can get expert help, it definitely becomes a lot easier.

Hello and welcome to this platform. You can very easily get started with the courses at the School of Pipsology. Keep learning and good luck.