I'm going Pro, giving the day job up and living the dream, any advice?

Hi all, so I’m very fortunate to be in a position to go pro and trade as my source of income. I’m very serious in my business and believe I’ve got it. But as newb to going pro any advice for me?



May the forex be with you

Best advise i can give you since I’m also a pro is Really enjoy being the Boss! Its one of my favorite perks. For example if you want to sleep in instead of working the markets go ahead every now and then its part of the job and its good to keep from over trading. Some more good advise would be to stay trading the same time periods and try not to overwhelm yourself with trying to take every opportunity you see. Instead just cherry pick the best one or two and then just zone into that one perfect trade and take it. Always place a stop loss is a good one too. Welcome to the pros.

Good Luck !!!:60:

Good luck dude :slight_smile:

Hello DarthFrancis!

First of all, good luck!

Second of all: how did you amass enough capital in the first place? Did you save the pennies/cents day by day working an

average job, or … did you win the lottery?


I hope you did your math, have sufficient capital and enough in the bank to make it. You asking this question makes me wonder if you should go ‘pro’ just now.

Hey Darth.

It’s so good to hear this. Cause this is gonna be me in 2 1/2 years from now. And I’m excited for you.
You say your pretty serious about the business. And that leads me to ask some questions (which I know I will be confronted with also).
If you don’t mind.
How do you plan on paying yourself? Will you be taking money out of the trading account on a regular basis for your income? Do you plan on having multiple accounts where your money resides?
I’m sorry for these questions. I don’t expect you to answer them. It’s just that I know I will be confronted with all of this. I’ve only have just started to think about it recently. Cause, you know, it’s just been all about the strategy, getting consistent, what works and what doesn’t, etc… for me now.
So, when I think about operating my business, I’m thinking about these things that you must be going through now.
Also like, do you have a minimum requirement for how much you should be making in a month? Or even do you go down to a weekly threshold?
How about this. A real concern for me. Do you have a years worth of banked money just in case you go break even? For your bills? A cushion. Plan B. Basically covering all bases.

Well anyway Darth. I’m very glad for you. Thanks for sharing what your gonna do.
And I’m very jealous. In a good way.

Sorry for the questions.
But, I’m sure you’ve thought of all this, being serious and all.


Let me add my good luck and add an old poker saying… .May all your chips come from your left while I’m sitting on your right.

Remember make your plan - work your plan.

The very best of luck to you.
Will you continue posting on here?

That’s my line!


Sure I could do or start a new thread to keep it clean and post a link here?

thanks bro, might start a new thread to keep it clean and post a link in this thread. If people want to watch me progress?

Sounds like a good idea, look forward to it

Kinda won the work lottery, got a decent payout and a pension that pays out straight away. not bad for 28 :wink:

I’ve done the maths, kinda good at it :wink:

I’ve got it locked down but its nice to interact. We’re all on the same team.



in a nut shell need to make 2k a month to keep everyone happy i have other incomes too. have a cushion of 6 months but I’m a scalper so by then i’ll be rich or poor lol.

But feel free to ask questions it will help me



I actually stole that from Adrian lol

Good Fortune Darth, luck has no place in trading ,PDF rinse and repeat ,PDF "PATIENCE <DISCIPLINE >FOCUS …QED

You do sound very enthusiastic. Advice I can give is NEVER be overconfident. This is a mind game and emotions play the biggest part alongside money management. It will be interesting to see how you progress. I wonder how many people reading these posts are actually professionals??? Good Trading to you my friend. I hope you make all your drams come true.