I'm going to Austrailia!

I have decided to devote my life to AUD/USD and so I am moving to Aussie.

Obviously just a joke but I am leaving for the land down under on Christmas day for three weeks. I was wondering what I could do to improve my Forex knowledge about the aussie dollar while I am there? What indicators can I follow in the newspapers? What economic factors should I be paying attention to while I am there? Etc.

Yes, I could have looked up most of this on my own but really is fun to announce you are going to Austrailia. I have been really creative in the ways I find to insert it into conversations with complete strangers.

I hope the actual trip is as much fun as just saying I am going. Especially since it is costing me about 3 Billion pips!

That’s pretty awesome that you get to go to Australia! I wish I could go. Well, since the Aussie dollar is considered a Commodity dollar I would study up on their commodity exports. Learn more about Gold and oil. That’s what i’m doing to help my analysis on AUD.

Have a nice big juicy outback steak for me :slight_smile: Maybe you could convert everything you but into USD and pay for it that way to get the practice. Have Fun!