I'm happy to be here

Good day everyone.
I’m so happy that I’m among this community, you guys have shown love to new traders and it makes me really happy.
Please I need help .
I want to be a profitable price action trader. I hope I will get help from you guys as you always help a new trader.
Thanks so much.

Okay, so tell me how are you going to achieve this when 90% of newbies fail? That is a serious question.

One solution is to prepare for months and years of hard work learning how to trade properly by following this site’s Education courses. And persevere, don’t give up when the going gets tough -which it will, always.

best of luck.

Welcome to the community, @harkandey. We’re glad to have you here too. Start with the education section here if you’re not doing that yet. Then practice with a demo account to apply what you’re learning.

To become a profitable trader, you will have to study well and prepare yourself for the risks and challenges in the market.

Follow one rule. Always be prepared thoroughly before trading and by that I mean get maximum and best information about the currency pairs, the instruments, when and how to use them, and what platforms you can use to trade successfully.