I'm Harry. Another Indonesian Traders ;)

My name is Harry (nama saya Harry).
Well I guess it’s been already lots of Indonesians here ;).

Let me introduce myself (again). I used to be a Forex Trader since 2010. (at the time the Greece was being put into default). Well…now I am just an investor, a forex trader using EA (robot trading) for just a small margin (2 or 3% per month), and not doing a babysit over the trades.

I love to talk, chat, and make lots of friends, and most of all, keep them had a better understanding of what Traders should be. By helping and assisting them, I learned a lot and I’m very happy because I can’t afford to see someone making the same mistakes as I was before. Yes I’d been losing lots (I mean huge) of money before.

Now I’m also providing services to others who need a VPS service, a VPS consultation service and other FREE assistance or troubleshooting regarding those things (but not the programmer or MQL side, though;)

Thanks and have a nice day all…Wish you all the best.