I'm having a dislocation on my left rib

I’m on Naproxen for a slippy rib; i hope to get better cause this drug not only blur my vision but makes everything double. Anyone here ever had a dislocated/slippy rib, mind sharing your experience?

Its hurts but my doctor is making me feel like it’s nothing. I’ve read few things on Naproxen and am worried on its longterm usage, it’s side effects not somewhat pleasing.

I hope you get well soon.
I don’t have any experience with that, but don’t trust the internet for medical things. Just trust your doctor.

Thanks @Lee-me! Sure, i hope it gets better. Hmmm, the media is making me nut perhaps on health related issues

Had a buddy with a slippy rib situation, definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. It’s essential to listen to your body and always seek a second opinion if needed. On Naproxen, while I’m more used to analyzing market than medication, it’s always crucial to be informed about the side effects of any drug. Stay in close touch with your doctor or even consider consulting a specialist to discuss concerns about long-term usage.

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I can say my Doctor is the most closest to me right now. I hope your friend is in a good position right now?

It’s pretty cool to have your doctor as a close friend. We aren’t friends anymore, but I still see him around the neighborhood and he seems good.


I hope the drugs are enough. I’ve never done surgery and don’t think of having one.


It’s not just you. Essentially, google is not a reliable source when it comes to medical and healthcare.

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Wow. This is the first time I’ve heard of a “slippy rib”. Sounds painful! What’s the cause of that? I hope you’re feeling better! Are they recommending you to get surgery? (I hope you won’t need it!)

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The doctor placed me on Naproxen. Mine was caused by hypermobility; i overstretched myself while having Yoga.
Yes, the Naproxen already ease my pain, the doctor said i wont be needing surgery since it’s not a complete dislocation, it should heal up.
While the slip is still there i cant feel the pain anymore.

Best Regards!

Omg which pose was it? Do you know if it was any pose in particular?