Im having trouble learning in the school of pipsology

I have been studying in the school of pipsology for about 2 months now and i have gotten to the 3rd grade, but i think i am not learning as much as others or maybe i havent understood everything correclty. Is it just me or are others having the same problem.


Don,t worry I am going through the school a second time and it still is not sinking in.

Keep trying its not easy


Listen guys, don’t worry too much about the school of pipsology, elaborate some more on what you’re having trouble with and I’m sure we can help.

There’s a good chance that you are trying to read too much into it too.

Take the MACD for instance, you don’t really need to understand it, just that when it goes up, it’s supposed to show that there is strength in the market, and it kind of does, but for a trading strategy it’s pretty damn useless.

Support and Resistance is key, concentrate on that and try figure where they are more likely to hold.

Ya you guys need to start asking specific question about things you do not understand… no matter how stupid they seem. No one will think less of you that is for sure. We were all in your shoes, and I can tell you the only way to actually start ‘getting it’ is to ask those very specific questions you have. Little by little your questions will mature and I bet at a certain point the school will really turn some light bulbs on. On the other hand, THIS STUFF(trading successfully) IS NOT EASY, so dont expect it to be.

PS try to find the place in the school where it starts to become hard to understand and start asking away.

In addition to the excellent comments already made, you may feel you are slower than others when it comes to climbing the learning curve. Don’t let that discourage you. Just keep climbing and keep learning. Even if it does take you longer than most to formulate a methodology you can live by, it will be worth it when you get to the top of the mountain.

before trading a live account you have to learn heaps of chapters on forex markets and forex trading. after you start live trading you have unlearn more than to learn to make profits in this forex trading world. so don’t worry keep going and you’ll get there and start talking like a forex pro.

When I first started learning to trade, I embarrassed myself, in front of a classroom of people, by asking how it was possible to go Short as I had no currency to sell. I could get my head around Long trades (I saw it as a case of buying currency, easy I thought), but had a mental block about Short trades. It took the coach several minutes to walk me through it. Now my best trades are Short, and I look back wondering how I could have been so dim.

So a mystery is now obvious to me, in under two years. So stick with it and, as others have said, ask stupid questions on here. It is highly unlikely that any individual will be the first to struggle with an aspect of this subject, so the questions actually aren’t stupid…


I too have spent endless hours studying the “school of pipsology” and other web-based resources. There are 1000 resources devoted to each of the 10’s of indicators each claiming superior to others. HELP!!! I know it’s not meant to be easy by any stretch, but other than being seperated from your money, what is the next step??..Thanks