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Hi people, I am pursuing this as a possible income option while traveling in my rv. I have time and patience in my pocket, and hopefully have enough money to allow myself to make mistakes and learn how things happen.

income from this trading place is really a challenging issue , because almost 90% traders become loser and there is nothing 100% in Forex trading.

Hi, and welcome. In today’s financial market the key to eventual success is access to relevant data. Unless you understand how FX pairs react to market sentiment, each other, and why, you’ll always be struggling to become consistently profitable.

On average, a full time trader would be looking at a number of years to evolve to a level where monetary profit is regularly obtained - with an APR aim of 24% on a year in and year out basis.

It is my belief that in a few years time every serious trader will be using tried and tested EA bots to help them find success.

Alternatively, you could gamble and get lucky on a one-off basis, or become a breakeven to small loss trader without moving to the next level.

Best of luck.

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hi and welcome , lots of trading instruments are there , feel free to use and be knowledgeable . i hope you will be benefited.

We all make mistakes and lose some money in this profession but at the same time don’t be in a hurry to risk your money.

there is no way to avoid risk , so we the traders should make sure the best risk management, otherwise trading can be useless.

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