I'm in the beginning stage

Hey, all I’m new and cant wait to start learning this trade I do know it’s going to take sometime an wont be easy. Wish us all nothing but success.


success is a big deal in this trading place , need a very long time experience with a great level of patience.

you can start with psychology of school which contains all basic knowledge. and besides this can trade in a demo account.

instead of demo you can trade in a micro account which really supportive to acquire to live trading knowledge and experience.

the success is a big deal in there , because its very temporary session . just you have to survive in there with successfully.

hi and welcome . hope for the best

Hi. While I get the sentiment of trading live at minimal cost, IMO, most newbie traders haven’t got the discipline and patience to make it a worth while practice. I think that trading a $500 demo account is just as good, because there is more scope to play around with a widerT/P & S/L.

That’s what I did for 8 months back in 2020, with my mindset as it being a live account, and yes, transferring later to live trading is/was a whole new ballgame. However, I don’t consider micro lots trading as being any better mainly because both profits and losses are inmaterial.

Now, I’m of the opinion that live accounts should have at least a minimal account size of $500 to allow trading profit and loss space. Low capital accounts, is one reason why new traders fail…


Welcome to BP good luck

We all start as beginners. Regarding the discussion about the use of demo I like to use a surgeon analogy. When a med student goes into school and learns to become a surgeon they don’t practice on live patients, nor to do they start with the practical aspects until they learn the theory. They aren’t allowed to practice on “nearly dead” patients as it won’t matter so much if they make mistakes. Can you imagine? Treat your trading the same way. Treat a demo like a “live patient” and do everything you can to keep them/it alive. Build up a catalogue of data to analyse as you create your strategy and when you are ready to go live it will be more seamless as you are well prepared.


Hi and welcome :slight_smile: take your time and ask any questions you have if you do both you’ll do fine

Hi m new on this platform.

Welcome @pembo_78 ! Are you also new in forex trading?

This is the best far platform, you will learn a lot definitely

New too… all the best

Welcome to the community, @Mzcola. Yes it may not be easy but if you put in the time and effort then it will be worth it. Good luck on your fx trading journey.

Hi and welcome aboard :blush:
I wish you all the success and please read Mr Kings post here well written and thought out will give some clarity

Hi, I like your mindset. You are ready to give your 100% and I am sure that you will excel at it. While you learn, also work on money management skills to make the best use of your money.